A Korean correct posture device manufacturer, Nine Technology, enters China through influencer marketing with hihip

With persistent marketing such as influencer marketing and opening of a direct mall, entering China

ANSAN, South Korea, June 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Nine Technology, a Korean correct posture device manufacturing company, has recently been promoting hihip, pelvic care product, to consumers by conducting various marketing to enter China.

hihip Far-Infrared Thermal Therapy Model (HHI-FIR)
hihip Far-Infrared Thermal Therapy Model (HHI-FIR)

First, Nine Technology is in the process of influencer marketing through Xiaohongshu. Xiaohongshu is one of the three SNSs in China, and it is the most influential SNS targeting women in their 20s and 30s. The famous influencers who have Xiaohongshu channels are reviewing hihip, giving details of hihip information, how to use it, and appealing to the subscribers of hihip's features, and attracting the desire to purchase.

hihip HIMMOA Chair
hihip HIMMOA Chair

In addition, Nine Technology has recently registered hihip in V5Shop, which is well-known as a station in China, and opened a site for consumers to easily purchase hihip.

The site URLs are as follows.

1. http://koi.uniscm.net//ORG43/Product/ProductInfo/371
2. http://koi.uniscm.net//ORG43/Product/ProductInfo/372
3. http://koi.uniscm.net//ORG43/Product/ProductInfo/373

Hyeon-gu Ahn / CEO, from Nine Technology said, "Modern office workers sit on a chair for a long time due to work, causing the pelvis to distort. We hope that you will pursue the right posture and healthy life through hihip, a pelvic care product that has the function of correcting the pelvis."

Nine Technology is a Korean correct posture device manufacturing company that pursues a healthy and active life. Nine Technology manufactures hihip, correct posture device, for the young and senior generations. hihip is used for female consumers in their 10's~40's who wear high heels often, work sitting for a long time, and are in post-pregnancy care. hihip helps in correcting a twisted pelvis, and aids in body shaping, and hip-up functions. In addition, as the age increases, the pelvis develops and the muscles weaken. hihip also helps to correct the pelvis for senior generation.

Function of hihip is as follows.

1. Pelvic Correction Effect

hihip allows users to keep a correct posture at all times and it helps to correct the pelvis distorted habitually due to sitting for a long time.

2. Hip Up and Body Shape Correction Effect

hihip helps to create the elastic hip shape and hip up effect through caring the banana line the most likely to be pressed in hip and it helps body shape care and correction by supporting the relaxed pelvis after childbirth.

3. Women's Diseases Remedy Effect

Far-infrared heater and far-infrared ray of hihip can keep bodies warm, and give blood circulation, obstetric remedy.

4. Effect of Far-infrared Ray / Penetrate Deep into 40mm of the Body

Far-infrared ray penetrates deep into the inside as well as surface of our body or materials and keep optimal body heat as it is increased when our body heat goes down or decreased when our body heat goes up.

5.  Ergonomic Design

hihip is designed in the most suitable shape for features and development of women's bodies through actual measurement and research based on information of women's ergonomic structure.

6. Convenience in Use

Only sitting on hihip without connection to power helps hip up function and pelvis correction. In addition, warming & far-infrared function can be used by simple one-touch button after connecting to power.            

Meanwhile, Nine Technoloy's Himmoa Chair succeeded in $4,900 of reward funding at Wadiz Crowd Funding, and Navi Massage will be launched on June 29th through the Wadiz Funding this year.

For more information on Nine Technology and hihip, visit www.hihip.co.kr/en/main


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