Korean skincare brand Pyunkang Yul launched in Indonesia

- Pyunkang Yul is the cosmetic brand made by Pyunkang Eastern Medicine Clinic

- Pyunkang Yul's special facial care method can be helpful to Indonesian women

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Korean skincare brand 'Pyunkang Yul' was launched in Indonesia. It is a cosmetic made with the philosophy of Pyunkang Eastern Medicine Clinic, Korea's most famous traditional herbal hospital, which has treated skin issues for about 50 years and treated about 200,000 patients with skin problems. Based on the experience and know-how of Pyunkang Eastern Medicine Clinic, 'Pyunkang Yul' is considered as a solution for healthy skin for people who struggle with skin concerns. All of 'Pyunkang Yul' products are made with natural, mild and healthy ingredients, that help improve acne and atopic skin as well as sensitive skin, and are safe for both children and pregnant women.

Pyunkang Essence Toner
Pyunkang Essence Toner

Nowadays, "healthy beauty" is a keyword in the Korean skincare and cosmetics market. Since skincare products with seemingly good fragrances and colors can irritate the skin and cause troubles, the 'cosmetic diet', which excludes harmful ingredients, is becoming popular. At the center of this trend is 'Pyunkang Yul'.

As the Korean skincare method that reduces the skincare steps becomes a trend, the interest in products containing only essential ingredients that the skin can absorb, is also increasing. Pyunkang Essence Toner is made of only seven ingredients. Pyunkang Essence Toner without unnecessary fragrance and color chemicals, is the best Korean toner that can that can offer the skin its much needed rest and make it smoother.

Also, it contains sufficient 'Milk Vetch root extract', with smaller particles that are absorbed faster and that efficiently replenish the skin's moisture. Purified water used in ordinary skincare products is composed of larger particles, which makes it difficult to solve skin issues, unlike Pyunkang's unique know-how.

Indonesian women love this method after Korean actresses released a face skincare care method that uses the cotton pad, moistened with toner, as a facial pack. However, because the cotton pad absorbs a large quantity of toner and does not transfer all of it to the skin, the product is quickly finished and becomes inconvenient. Pyunkang's 1/3 Cotton pad has remarkable adhesion even with a small amount of toner, making it suitable for Korean skincare methods.

Omitting unnecessary ingredients, Pyunkang Yul is filled with the essential ingredients that promote healthy beauty.

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