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Kosi Stobbs Expands Property Owl Group of Companies With New Businesses

Kosi Stobbs is an entrepreneur and CEO of Property Owl Group of Companies. He is ready to purchase, grow, and prosper your business when the time is right for you to sell.

Kosi Stobbs and Property Owl Group Of Companies buys and transforms businesses to help them grow. Stobbs is a successful business owner, real estate investor, and current CEO of Property Owl Group of Companies. His priority is shifting the corporate business world to include more diverse voices, experiences, and ideas for growth and expansion.

Through a streamlined purchase process, Kosi Stobbs and his team will guide any company through a seamless acquisition transition and protect the business’s culture and legacy. In four efficient steps, Property Owl Group of Companies will work to understand and protect the longterm goals of the business, perform all operational, financial, and legal due diligence on the company, make the acquisition, and spend as much time as needed ensuring a seamless transition that works for both everyone.

Kosi Stobbs and his Property Group of Companies is ready to support any business at any give time.

About Property Owl Group Of Companies

Property Owl Group Of Companies, founded by multiple-eight figure earner and serial entrepreneur Kosi Stobbs, is a diversified portfolio of companies that Stobbs has created long-term growth opportunities for. With a commitment to every company he obtains, Stobbs puts an emphasis on maintaining company culture while also bracing the amount of change that’s required for the company to realistically prosper.

About Kosi Stobbs

Kosi Stobbs is a first-generation Canadian who made a name for himself by saving, investing, and spending his money wisely. He’s the owner of multiple seven and eight figure businesses through Property Owl Group Of Companies, is a real estate investing mogul and serial entrepreneur, was named Canada’s Top 40 under 40 and Vancouver’s Forty under 40 in 2020, and is now the author of his first millionaires manifesto, F$CK BROKE: LET’S GET RICH. Stobbs is always in the business of buying businesses.

Contact Info:
Name: Kosi Stobbs
Email: Send Email
Organization: Property Owl Group of Companies
Address: 20800 Westminster Highway, Richmond, BC V6V 2W3, Canada

Release ID: 89037205

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