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KPM Analytics Announces SDmatic 2 Damaged Starch Analyzer

KPM Analytics Announces SDmatic 2 Damaged Starch Analyzer

WESTBOROUGH, Mass., July 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- KPM Analytics ( announced the release of its CHOPIN SDmatic 2 automated damaged starch analyzer. The SDmatic 2 is officially recognized internationally and meets industry standards for measuring damaged starch. The second-generation analyzer offers new advantages to millers and bakers for ease of use, lower cost of ownership, and new analysis possibilities.

SDmatic 2 Damaged Starch Analyzer
SDmatic 2 Damaged Starch Analyzer

The SDmatic 2 features a 7-inch color touch-screen that makes operation easy for any user. The software guides the user through the test and no specialized training is required to operate the device. The software offers a wide range of settings, such as learning mode, choice of units for expressing results, and a countdown timer. There are also new analysis possibilities, such as the ability for users to customize protocols by adjusting the required flour mass, iodine generation time, and measurement time. This flexibility allows users to control testing based on their samples and opens up the possibility to develop protocols for whole wheat or non-wheat flours.

The software also makes it easier to store and export data for analysis. The data from each test is stored on the device and can be referenced at any time or exported via USB. The device can also use the network connection for convenient integration with LIMS and corporate networks. Referencing data is important for identifying trends, viewing differences of flours from different suppliers, or simply monitoring day-to-day operations.

Another benefit of the SDmatic 2 is the lower cost of ownership. Now, probe changes can be managed by the end-user, without being dependent on a KPM distributor for a service call. This saves the user both time and cost. Maintenance is also made easier by the ability to use the network connection. A factory technician can remote in for troubleshooting and applying updates, reducing the cost of downtime and service calls. Firmware and software updates are easily handled using a special menu and a USB containing the updates.

"The improvements in SDmatic 2 make it easier for our customers to analyze damaged starch and improve their product quality," said Olivier Le Brun, Product and Applications Specialist for KPM Analytics' CHOPIN products. "Millers have come to depend on this technology, and increasingly, commercial bakeries are adopting damaged starch analysis to ensure consistency in their operations."

Control Flour Quality by Analyzing Damaged Starch 
Damaged starch has a direct impact on a flour's functionality. Too much damaged starch makes the dough stick to forming equipment. The SDmatic 2 analyzer helps millers guarantee that they produce flours according to the specifications of their customers. For bakers, it is a cost-effective tool for inspecting incoming flours and for understanding how to adjust production to ensure end-product quality.

Simple, Fast and Enzyme-Free 
The SDmatic 2 analyzer is based on the recognized amperometric method (Medcalf & Gilles) that measures iodine absorption in a diluted flour suspension. It is the fastest method, widely used in the industry as a standard test to obtain a reliable result in fewer than 10 minutes and with only 1 gram of flour. It is fully automated. Unlike some complex and costly devices that use enzymes, the SDmatic 2 is simple and enzyme-free.

The SDmatic 2 damaged starch analyzer is available for pre-order now, with delivery expected by the end of the year.

About KPM Analytics 
KPM Analytics is a global leader in scientific instrumentation, focused primarily on analyzing critical parameters within the food, feed, agriculture, and environmental sectors. We provide a comprehensive range of products and services to uniquely solve our customers' problems. Our product brands are AMS Alliance, Bruins Instruments, CHOPIN Technologies, EyePro System, Process Sensors, Sensortech, Sightline Process Control, Smart Vision Works, and Unity Scientific. Each has a long history of delivering advanced and reliable analysis solutions to ensure product quality and optimize process efficiency, with customer service at the center of everything we do. Visit to learn more.

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