KUPU - Reinventing Job-Matching for the mass population in a Post-Pandemic World

KUPU - Reinventing Job-Matching for the mass population in a Post-Pandemic World

The AI-powered job portal steps up the Indonesian flexi-labour landscape by auto translating behavioural data matrix of users into actionable models to curate job seekers' strengths.

JAKARTA, Indonesia, June 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- KUPU, a bespoke AI-driven platform matching the labour market via dynamic skill-based profile progressions, is bridging the employment gap brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic that led to a decade-high unemployment record of 7.07% in Indonesia.

Andry The, Co-founder and Chief Information Officer of KUPU
Andry The, Co-founder and Chief Information Officer of KUPU

The job market subsequently saw a massive shift of workers from formal employment arrangements to informal working arrangements as millions faced unemployment and cuts in working hours. To equip job seekers, professional or otherwise, with the most relevant skillsets, practices, and advancements, KUPU has developed a growing suite of online courses for users.

"We are building an inclusive digital platform to enable every user to have a chance to stand out from the crowd even with minimal background and resumé. KUPU auto-translates behavioural data matrix of users into actionable models, which will showcase the skills and strengths that can meet the needs of suitable employers. Concurrently, KUPU also offers vast options in upskilling and financial access, enabling job seekers to be ready from day-one, and reducing employer's training costs and turnover. We constantly reinvent ourselves at KUPU so as to offer a fun and engaging experience for our users," said Andry The, Co-founder and CIO of KUPU.

Topics and curriculums are developed inhouse by subject matter experts to match over 300,000 available job vacancies to date. Once the users have successfully finished taking relevant courses presented in a fun, bite-size experience — totalling to more than 6,000 micro-modules, they will unlock various data-embedded badges for display in their profiles, serving as powerful homing-tracers to the most suitable employers.

Since its soft launch in September 2021, KUPU has served more than 500,000 users in the Indonesian capital alone. KUPU aims to expand to the greater Jakarta regions in 2022, rolling out engaging features on a monthly basis, and continuing to commit and serve in the government's initiative on digital innovations, and be a sustainable solution towards labour market normalization.

For information, visit www.kupu.id.

About KUPU

Founded in 2021, KUPU is a mobile recruitment platform connecting job providers and seekers. The platform provides upskilling courses to increase employment visibility and to ensure each user is provided with an equal opportunity. KUPU is expanding its following throughout Indonesia and is looking to collaborate with initiatives from public and private sectors to further strengthen the employment industry.

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