Launch of Digital Avatar Social Platform Unishape: New Family of Generative AI That Can Talk, Move and Interact

Digital avatar social platform Unishape introduces a new content generation and social interaction tool to the world.

The recent launch of Unishape, a digital avatar social platform, in the United States has brought a new content generation and social interaction tool to the public. On the Unishape platform (, users can upload a portrait, "mold" it into different styles by setting parameters like expression, emotion and appearance, and then animate it by typing in or uploading texts, voices or videos. Now they'll have a personalized AI avatar that can "talk, move and interact". From a technical perspective, Unishape ( connects Stable Diffusion and Chat-GPT through its self-developed "animated portrait" technology. It is the first social interaction product in the generative AI field focusing on AI avatars.

The images and videos created by users on Unishape (, in addition to being used as avatars of social media accounts and pictures for group chats, can also be used for opinion output, content broadcast, advertising and marketing, knowledge explanation, funny talk shows, product introduction, etc. They can not only be exported to social media platforms for distribution, but also be used for exchanges in the community section of the platform. Users can build personal IP and influence around AI avatars or engage them in human-computer conversations.

Picture description: (from left to right) The first is the original photo; the second to the fifth are AI avatars generated through Unishape.

"Animated portrait" connecting Stable Diffusion and Chat-GP and breaking technical division

What differentiates Unishape ( is that it utilizes self-developed "animated portrait" technology as the underlying logic to link Stable Diffusion and Chat-GPT. In the content generation module, "animated portrait" can realize the animation of text to video, audio to video, and video to video. Thanks to this set of self-developed technology, users can make creative images, videos and personal IP without any threshold. This will enable them to have a sense of accomplishment and unleash their charms on social platforms. In the human-computer interaction module, users can set a unique personality for their AI avatars, enjoy one-to-one virtual interaction in the Chat-GPT dialog box connected to the platform and hence gain unprecedented human-computer interaction experience.

AI avatar opening up new ways of socializing

How can content generation tools and content distribution platforms be interconnected? In other words, is there a product that meets the needs of content creation and distribution and social interaction at the same time?

On Unishape (, static portraits can be reshaped into images of different styles, or animated by texts, audios and videos and become "taking magic photos" or "live" videos with clear voice, natural shape and congruent lip movements. As a result, content creators can spend less energy and less time, while the efficiency is higher. This means it will be more cost-effective and faster to build personal IP. Meanwhile, the social attribute of the Unishape platform makes AI avatar-based virtual interaction more attractive. Therefore, Unishape serves an important role in connecting content creation and distribution. The connection with Chat-GPT allows users to experience the charm of human-computer interaction with the AI avatar just created without the need to jump to the external interface. For example, after User A creates an AI avatar, User B may send questions in text messages to the AI avatar, which may answer in the form of audio, video or text. In this way, virtual interaction "bridged" by AI avatars is actualized.

An early user of Unishape (, who is also a content creator, shared his story with us. He named his AI avatar "Alder". To upgrade his content creation, he plans to create a self-media account revolving around "Alder" with the identity of "AI signer". The appearance of "Alder" is representative of the social psychology of quite a few people: They are talented and enthusiastic of showcasing their talents on the Internet, but are unwilling to be exposed in front of a camera. The use of a virtual identity to interact with others is the biggest change AI brings to the lives of ordinary people.

Creating "something" from "nothing" and enriching existing contents

Team members and technical backbones of Unishape ( have extensive experience in the AI field. They hope that AI avatar can change the existing social networking experience and open up a brand new way of socializing.

On traditional content-based social platforms, users filter interested contents by being tagged and searching according to tags. On Unishape (, users can have a clearer and more direct social networking path. They can generate contents by themselves, create something completely new, and enrich existing contents. 

Developers of Unishape ( hope to, by changing the way of content creation with generative AI, improving the efficiency of content distribution with human-computer interaction, and completely subverting the delivery mode of contents, lead users to enjoy unchartered territories of social interaction and entertainment.

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