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Lausaint Home's Cantilever Umbrella Sees Skyrocketing Sales During Amazon Prime Day in U.S.

Lausaint Home's Cantilever Umbrella Sees Skyrocketing Sales During Amazon Prime Day in U.S.

LOS ANGELES and HONG KONG, Aug. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Professional outdoor living brand Lausaint Home recently saw very strong sales during their Amazon Prime Day event in the United States. Their hero product, the Vibrant Chic Cantilever Umbrella, was a top seller, which thanks to its innovative design and functionality, saw a staggering 2000% increase in average daily sales on Prime Day.

"With our brand's tagline 'a chic gathering,' we aim to create an authentic and reassuring outdoor environment for users in today's uncertain times, fostering stronger connections between individuals. To achieve this, we have forsaken unnecessary product features and instead prioritized users' genuine needs", said founder Gavin Xie, commenting on the Prime Day event. "Through meticulous material selection and rigorous testing standards, we ensure the quality and user experience of our products' core functionalities. The sales achievements on this Prime Day are a testament to consumers' recognition of our brand philosophy and product quality, bolstering our confidence to embrace forthcoming challenges."

Innovative Design Puts Users First

The surge in popularity is rooted in our brand's attentive consideration of consumer needs. Lausaint Home's research and interviews revealed that 43% of users prioritize the convenience of opening and closing, while 40% value adjustable angles. As a result, this umbrella sees an emphasis on optimizing the user experience through these innovations. Unlike traditional cantilever umbrellas that only open the canopy in fixed positions, this umbrella can be opened at any point along the arc-shaped track, thereby accommodating a wider range of user heights and sizes. Furthermore, the umbrella base is equipped with a 360° rotating pedal, allowing users to effortlessly adjust the canopy's position, delivering all-around protection from the sun. Its user-friendly design makes it especially suitable for family use, catering to users of all ages.

Distinctive Elegance, To Cater Discerning Tastes

The Vibrant Chic Cantilever Umbrella also sets itself apart in appearance from traditional cantilever umbrellas with its right-angle support pole triangle structure. Featuring a unique curved pole design, this umbrella forms a structural curve of 134°53' from the base to the top of the canopy, inspired by the natural "Golden Spiral." This biomimetic design imbues the umbrella with a dynamic essence that seamlessly integrates with outdoor spaces, creating an elegant ambiance and visual focal point for gatherings. This umbrella series is aptly named the Vibrant Chic Collection, signifying its infusion of vibrancy and joy into spaces.

Lausaint Home Vibrant Chic Cantilever Umbrella
Lausaint Home Vibrant Chic Cantilever Umbrella

Uncompromising Construction Sets New Standards

In comparison to outdoor cantilever umbrellas within the same price range, Lausaint Home's umbrella holds a distinct advantage in both material selection and structure. Constructed with an aluminum framework, the umbrella's main body is supported by eight umbrella ribs, enabling it to withstand winds of up to 7 on the Beaufort scale (61km/h), surpassing traditional umbrellas' wind resistance by 55%. The umbrella frame is entirely crafted from aluminum, while the umbrella canopy is composed of durable polyester fabric that has been approved by BV's exclusive sun protection testing. The umbrella has been strictly tested for wind tunnel, salt spray,  and outdoor rain simulator testing.

Compared to other premium brands laden with add-on product features, our product philosophy focuses on simplicity and authenticity. We meticulously refine the essence of our products, focusing on durability, sun protection, and wind resistance, while reducing unnecessary design costs. This approach allows us to offer our product at a competitive price of $469.99. This embodies the founder's commitment to the ethos of creating quality products at affordable prices.

About Lausaint Home

Founded in 2021, Lausaint Home is dedicated to providing users with reliable and elegant gathering experiences, fostering a sense of authentic and intimate interaction between individuals. Since entering the US market in 2021, the brand has witnessed rapid growth, achieving over $10 million in sales through e-commerce channels by the end of 2022. Presently, Lausaint Home operates three distribution centers across the United States, ensuring nationwide logistical coverage. Lausaint Home's momentum is unstoppable.

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