LavaPM Adds Saad Hameed As Chief Performance Officer to Enhance Client Services

SHANGHAI, Nov. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Lava Performance Marketing (LavaPM), has appointed Saad Hameed as Chief Performance Officer, tapping on his wealth of experience to help clients grow revenue and increase marketing conversion, productivity and efficiency.

Saad boasts more than12 years of experience spanning marketing, sales, engineering, demand generation and IT, and has previously led strategic initiatives which improved top and bottom-line results for MNCslike LinkedIn, VMware, Cisco, InsideView and Sun Microsystems. This new appointment will enable LavaPM to better help clients boost their marketing performance & bottom-line results & efficiency, through its unique-in-Asia technology and deep understanding of local Asian markets.

In his new position at LavaPM, Saad will define direction for LavaPM's first-in-Asia Marketing-Tech-Stack-as-a-Service product (LavaHEAT™); through deep understanding of local market needs, unique Asian landscape and marketing-technology ecosystems, with the objective of giving marketers in non-English-speaking Asia the same strategic & technical advantages their Western counterparts are currently enjoying. Powered by Machine-Learning, LavaHEAT™ is a marketing-tech-stack built for the Asian markets. It empowers organizations with the ability to record the data granules of engagement, and look into the past to predict the future with its predictive analysis of omni-channel data.

Saad will also be responsible for building and mentoring LavaPM's core tech-engineering and analytics team, as well as providing support to the various campaign teams spread between Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and in the next 12 months, Singapore.

"Many organizations have well-developed marketing tech-stacks that are built with the US market in mind. However, corporate HQs tend to neglect the fact that most of these tools that they have painstakingly pieced together, and do not work in Asia, especially for the non-English-speaking markets. These markets can include China (the 2nd-largest market behind the US globally). LavaHEAT™ is the first marketing intelligence platform of its kind in Asia that puts itself at the focal point where Silicon Valley marketing technology meets the Asian ecosystem and its cultural requirements," said Michael Ang (CEO & Founder, LavaPM). "The experience and expertise that Saad brings to the table will help our clients bridge the gap between global & local integration, enable Asia-market activation of their tech-stacks, and ultimately, bring to life our mission - to deliver TRUE business results for marketers."

"The only way to grow fast is to get out of your comfort zone, and to think outside of the box," Saad said. "The success of any business in Asia tend to require intense localization of Western best practices to suit unique local market situations and landscapes. I am very much looking forward to helping companies leverage the competitive advantages LavaPM brings in getting success in this region."

About LavaPM

LavaPM is a performance marketing agency that helps clients bridge the gap between their marketing activities and business results. With the help of the first-in-Asia agency Martech-stack, LavaHEAT™, LavaPM interrogates every data granule of brand-audience engagement, predictively forecast trends, and helps Asian marketers find, refine and capture their target audiences and eventually boost sales results.

LavaPM defines its role in relationship-building as "empowering the sparks to burn into flames", and has partnered in Asia with some of the most renowned multinationals in the world, including Sharp, Intel, Oracle, Dassault, Foxconn, etc..


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