The Leading Digital Solutions Provider G-Able partners with EngageRocket to reinforce employee engagement

The Leading Digital Solutions Provider G-Able partners with EngageRocket to reinforce employee engagement

BANGKOK, THAILAND - Media OutReach  - 19 November 2019 - G-Able, the leading digital solutions provider in Thailand announced the renewal of its partnership with EngageRocket, the leading Asian employee engagement software, to keep a pulse on its employees and improve engagement.


"As the leading digital solutions provider in Thailand, G-Able utilizes digital technologies to support customers and organizations in a business transformation journey. At the same time G-Able also adopts a solution and technology to drive the company into an integrated digital workplace with the organizational transformation program, as well as ensuring employee engagement and alignment with the company's business strategy. With the embedded analytics, EngageRocket makes it easy for us to monitor and analyze the pulse of our organization in real-time ," said Suthep Oonmettachit, President of G-Able Group.


Through EngageRocket's platform, HR is able to collect, analyze, and get immediate insights to boost employee engagement. With an average participation rate of 88% to the surveys, EngageRocket enables managers to observe fluctuations in individual and team engagement over time.


More than ten drivers of engagement were explored, including recognition, environment, rewards, and autonomy. Manager support was recognized as a strength by employees. However, learning and development were identified as an area of focus with a direct impact on the employees' satisfaction.


In a short time, G-Able developed action plans and prioritized efforts to improve employee engagement. As a result, the eNPS (employee loyalty) jumped from 3.41 to 3.66 between two survey cycles.

Wasun Sinpitucksagull, Senior Vice President, Human Resources of G-Able Group revealed that "G-Able is going forward with an organizational transformation program to becoming a digital workplace. To ensure the organization and people are driven to the same direction, we have launched HR initiatives and programs to support us throughout a journey of change. For example, aiming to develop employees to become "Digital Citizens" who have potentials to apply technologies to their work and daily lives, G-Able adopts a blended learning program to develop competencies at all levels through the leadership academy. We also launched 'gene able Leadership Development Program' to develop talents and future leaders with Agile methodology. The initiatives have been supported by continuous effort to strengthen G-Able culture, improve a work process and change a way of working that enables more effective work with better employee engagement ."


"EngageRocket allows us to develop targeted HR initiatives and create action plans across business functions. The platform empowers managers to deep dive into employees' feedback, to find immediate opportunities for improvement. Each team has specific expectations; having a single view of employees' sentiments allows us to create an environment where all employees feel heard and valued ," added Wasun.
As part of the selection criteria, G-Able was looking for a solution provider with a dedicated and highly responsive customer success team.


EngageRocket is the APAC fastest-growing employee experience solution provider that helps organizations make better people decisions using real-time data.

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