Leading Lipo LED (Laser) Manufacturer Releases Their New and Most Advanced Model

Lipo Melt Technologies, a leading brand in the space of lipo lasers and LEDs, has announced their release of Trifecta Light, their most modern and most advanced model of the lipo LED units.

Lipo Melt Technologies, one of the leading brands in the space of lipo lasers and LEDs, has announced their release of Trifecta Light, their most modern and most advanced model of the lipo LED units. This new device is a major improvement over their earlier mainstay device, the Ultimate Light.

As per the company claims, this newer device consists of 10,000 powerful and high-intensity LED near-infrared lights, comprising of light-emitting microchip diodes. They further note that their new device is armed with end-to-end manual online video trainings and illustrations that not only can businesses buying their unit can view, but also are available for endpoint individual users to watch, learn and gain confidence from.

“We are really excited to let the world know that the new-era Trifecta Light devices are now available to our customers”, said Edwin Brown, a regional representative of the Lipo Melt brand. “In my multi-decade career where I have reviewed, researched, helped in designing as well as sold tens of thousands of health devices of different types, Lipo Melt has definitely been one of the brands that I have been most comfortable in dealing with, both from the product (device) as well as from the services standpoints. Having reviewed the Trifecta Light personally, I am convinced that this is the single best device that exists today anywhere, as far as lipo LEDs are concerned, and backed up with much-higher-than-average customer support.”

Lipo lasers and LEDs have found their place among a lot of people aiming to lose weight using non-surgical means, perform skin toning and body contouring to improve the shapes of their bodies, and other body-part engineering endeavours. A large number of health clubs, body spas, and other forms of services have emerged, aiming for their share of this piece of the pie. Given the prevalence of obesity in the modern society, and the potential set of problems that obesity poses, including life-threatening ones, non-surgical reduction of weight and removal of fat without any further efforts such as diets or physical exercises has naturally been received widely by a large section of the society. Lipo LEDs and lasers are amongst the most popular methods used by many of the individuals who want to remove fat from their body as a whole, or specifically target to remove fat from some specific parts of their body.

The new Trifecta Light device is designed to equip six body pads, a chin pad and a face mask – a total of 8 fitments – all at the same time. Each of these pads, also known as paddles, are removable, and can be fitted and/or removed as and when necessary for a given client session. “It’s like wrapping your clients in a blanket with over 5000 powerful red and near-infrared microchips”, a spokesperson representing the brand’s online store unit TrifectaLightStore.com was quoted mentioning. “With so much power and fitment, to the best of our knowledge, none of the competing units available to the consumers today delivers performance better than the new Trifecta Light LED”, said the representative.

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