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Led by Legend Capital, ClinBrain Completes Nearly CNY200 million Series C Round

HONG KONG, Nov 1, 2022 - (ACN Newswire) - Recently, the healthcare big data leader ClinBrain completed the Series C round of financing of nearly CNY200 million, led by Legend Capital. This round of financing will facilitate ClinBrain to continuously deepen its expertise in the field of healthcare big data, explore the deep integration of big data and AI in the healthcare industry, promote the R&D of underlying technologies and scenario-based applications, and accelerate the promotion of industrial digital and intelligent upgrading.

As a high-tech enterprise focusing on the healthcare big data intelligence platform, digitalized and intelligent application services, ClinBrain was shortlisted as the SDRI (specialized, refined, differential and innovative) "little giant" enterprise by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology this year.

At the beginning of its establishment in 2013, ClinBrain realized that healthcare, as a data-intensive and knowledge-intensive industry, is inseparable from the support of data, no matter in clinical services, operations management or medical research. ClinBrain has been committed to the direction of data governance and intelligent application of hospitals. By leveraging years of its industry experience and technical capabilities, the company has made breakthroughs in many fields, such as collecting data from hospital business systems without an interface, effectively identifying the data structure of complex business systems, effectively cleaning the business data of different versions and different manufacturers, forming effective and practical data quality rules to improve the data quality of hospitals, and conducting structured processing of unstructured data such as medical records and pathology. Moreover, with its powerful natural language processing (NLP) capabilities and robust rule and knowledge base, including more than 3900 data cleaning and quality rules embedded and tens of millions of medical concept term relationships accumulated, ClinBrain is also capable of automatically identifying the data structure of each version of more than 500 business manufacturers and realizing high-quality data cleaning and structured processing of unstructured data.

LIU Huanchun, Chairman of ClinBrain, said, "Under the complex and volatile economic background and the ongoing pandemic situation, the recognition by many investors has reflected the market position, technological level and value of ClinBrain. After this round of financing, ClinBrain will promote the company's development to a new level by making further efforts in scientific and technological innovation and talent introduction."

Raymond CHEN, Co-chief Investment Officer of Legend Capital, said, "Healthcare big data is a key driver of the digital and intelligent transformation of the pharmaceutical industry, which is in line with the long-term megatrend of new healthcare infrastructure. As a leading healthcare big data enterprise in China, ClinBrain provides full-link solutions from data governance to medical scenario applications based on its rich industrial theoretical knowledge and practical experience. We are optimistic that ClinBrain will create a new development form in healthcare big data by continuously expanding more products and customer application scenarios."

About Legend Capital

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Legend Capital values long-term sustainable investment and incorporates ESG into its long-term development strategy. As a UNPRI signatory since November 2019, Legend Capital is among the first group of top VC/PE firms in China to join the initiative.

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