'LEONA AIR FLOW', an easy-to-remove menstrual cup, becoming popular

Still think menstrual cups are difficult to remove?

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The competition amongst menstrual cup brands is becoming fierce. Many companies have came up with different sizes, materials, colors, flexibility, and the shape including the stem, to grab the consumer's attention. Yet, 'LEONA AIR FLOW', developed by LOONLAB, is gaining its momentum amongst all.

The initial responses are positive, as the diversity offers greater choice for consumers to pick the product that fits them best.

However, concerns regarding the difficulty of removing the cup still persist. Most of the cups in the market require putting fingers deep into the vaginal space to reach the cup, folding it to break the pressure seal, and then pulling the cup out carefully with the risk of spilling the menstrual blood.

The direct contact between the fingers and the organ can cause concerns, including the risks of scarring the vagina wall, and infections.

Many consumers who are not used to the techniques of removing cups can also experience pain. The airtight seal created by the cup prevents leakages. However, it can also cause pain as it pulls the skin when an inexperienced user tries to pull it out without breaking the seal first.

Hence, 'LEONA AIR FLOW' is gaining popularity as it improves such experiences related to removing the menstrual cup. Developed by LOONLAB, a company dedicated to improving women's menstrual experience, its 'AIR VALVE' feature at the stem of the cup allows the users to easily break the air seal by pressing it.

In other words, consumers no longer have to insert their fingers deep into the vagina to fold the cup, but simply press the AIR VALVE to easily remove the cup by holding the bottom of the cup. In addition, the user can adjust the fitting by pressing the AIR VALVE when she feels bloated or uncomfortable while using the cup without having to take out and reinsert the cup again.

Individuals using IUD can also gain comfort from knowing that 'LEONA AIR FLOW' reduces the risk of IUD extraction in the process of removing menstrual cups.

LOONLAB explained that 'LEONA AIR FLOW' is the world's first product that enables pressure control and is expected to minimize the discomfort associated with removing menstrual cups. They also added, "As the demand for menstrual cups is increasing, the needs have also become more diversified. LOONLAB is dedicated to developing and researching better menstrual products that are easy and safe to use."

In addition to 'LEONA AIR FLOW' with its easy removal feature, LOONLAB previously introduced 'LOON CUP', a smart menstrual cup that accurately measures the volume of menstrual flow to monitor women's health, on Kickstarter.

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