Let's Gather and Create -- The Fourth China Daily Belt and Road Youth English Speaking Competition Set Off to Ride the Wave Again

BEIJING, Jan. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The fourth China Daily Belt and Road Youth English Speaking Competition (BRESC), with the theme of "As time goes by, all things are revealed", kicked off. Focusing on cultural communication, the competition welcomes talents from all over the world. The event will harness both online and offline formats to gather creative and diverse ideas and wisdom from global youth.

The China Daily Belt and Road Youth English Speaking Competition is a prestigious, internationally recognized competition for public-speaking lovers from all over the world. Initiated in 2019, it is known for its multicultural and youthful nature, and is committed to building a platform for teenagers to interact and learn from each other globally. Till now, the competition has attracted more than a thousand contestants from 51 countries and regions to participate, achieving great success. Young people from Belt and Road (B&R) countries have enjoyed themselves in previous competitions held in Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and Chengdu respectively. It doesn't matter where you come from, as long as you have something to say, this opportunity is the one for you.

The fourth Competition began on January 28, 2022. Individuals aged 16 to 22 (born in 1995-2006) from around the world are cordially invited to take part. The event consists of three stages, including the preliminary contest (January - June), the quarter-final (June - July), and the semi-final/final (August).

By sharing their different perspectives and cultural backgrounds, together, the competition's contestants create a rich tapestry of ideas and topics. Novais, a contestant from Hungary in the first BRESC, quoted ancient Greek philosophers to discuss the nature of justice: "Plato listed 'justice' as the most important virtue in The Republic whereas the sophist Thrasymachus said that 'power is justice'."

Wu Bojin, the first runner-up of the second BRESC, expressed his confidence when faced with the narrow-mindedness and egocentrism in the pandemic: "there are certain values that bind us together and reveal our common humanity - a universal longing to live a life that is free from fear, a life marked by dignity and respect and simple justice."

Duliya Desilva, the champion of the third BRESC, discussed the relationship between cooperation and competition: "as is shown in the Olympic Games, competition can promote cooperation." Important virtues, such as passion, creativity, and commitment, are commonly referenced in the young contestants' speeches for BRESC.

Serving as a cultural exchange platform, the China Daily Belt and Road Youth English Speaking Competition has helped promote meaningful domestic and international communication. Prof. Diana, the vice president of Global Unitalks congratulated China Daily on the success of the competition and showed her delight to see more "outstanding youths join the competition and gain more opportunities for cultural immersion".

Wang Wenli, Chinese Consul General in St. Petersburg, Russia, highly appreciated the role of the Russian preliminary contest in spreading Chinese culture in Russia and strengthening the deep friendship between the youth of the two countries.

Mohammad Yousuf Rahnaward, Head of the Chinese Department of Kabul University in Afghanistan and Executive Director of Confucius Institute, said that the BRESC strengthens international youth exchanges and contributes to the creation of a community with shared interests, destiny, and responsibility.

The China Daily Belt and Road Youth English Speaking Competition not only provides a professional and high-quality stage for young speakers around the world, but also gives Generation Z the courage and confidence to show their personalities and ideas. It also encourages the youth from B&R countries to experience an authentic and diverse perspective of China.

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