Liberty Energy and Seismos partner up to provide real-time stimulation QC

Liberty Energy and Seismos partner up to provide real-time stimulation QC

AUSTIN, Texas, May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- SEISMOS INC, leader in advanced acoustic sensing and non-invasive monitoring systems, announced today a partnership with Liberty Energy to expand the toolset for real-time quality control of stimulation performance. Liberty and Seismos will focus on maximizing value to E&P operators by offering the Seismos-MWF™ (Measurements While Fracturing) QC and analytics system alongside Liberty's completion services.

Through a simple surface connection, without a need for downhole equipment or offset well instrumentation, the Seismos-MWF™ system uses active controlled acoustics to directly probe the near-wellbore fracture network, providing a Near Field Connectivity Index (NFCI) for each stage. The connectivity between the fracture system and the wellbore can be an important contributor to productivity at both the well and stage level thus providing information on the quality of the fracture stimulation. The extended data collection of the Seismos-MWF™ system after each stage also allows for better fracture model calibration with pressure decline data.  

This QC metric is used to benchmark in real-time every stimulated stage & well against the best producing wells of a similar geological and reservoir profile. The NFCI targets, 'trained' by a database of 15,000+ stage measurements and production repository, are fine-tuned for the localized acreage and continuously re-calibrated as new production data becomes available, helping Liberty customers optimize fracture designs, make changes while completing the well and improve well performance.

"We are excited to offer the Seismos-MWF™ system, a completions quality control tool that complements our industry leading portfolio of fracture optimization technologies," said Dr. Mike Mayerhofer, Director of Technology at Liberty. "The Seismos-MWF™ system can provide a cost-effective measurement of stimulation quality in each stage and well. If NFCI falls well below target while completing the well, design or perforation changes can be made to improve NFCI on the subsequent stages."

Panos Adamopoulos, CEO of Seismos stated, "Every stage counts. The biggest limitation to real-time fracture optimization was the lack of practical, cost-effective technologies that can be applied in every well as mainstream practice. We are thrilled to partner with Liberty, a team of experts setting the standards for engineering and customer delivery in our industry."

About Seismos Inc.
SEISMOS INC, based in Austin, TX, USA is a pioneer in AI-powered acoustic sensing systems enabling real-time, non-intrusive, cost-effective QC and monitoring. The company, backed by Quantum Energy Partners and Javelin Venture Partners, operates in the US, Canada, and China. Contact info:

About Liberty Energy
Liberty (NYSE: LBRT) is a leading North American energy services firm that offers one of the most innovative suites of completion services and technologies to onshore oil and natural gas exploration and production companies. Liberty was founded in 2011 with a relentless focus on developing and delivering next generation technology for the sustainable development of unconventional energy resources in partnership with our customers. Liberty is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. For more information about Liberty, please contact Investor Relations at

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