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Limacorporate Announces Plans for Phase 2 During the Coronavirus Crisis: Salaries Integrated to 100% for All Employees

Limacorporate Announces Plans for Phase 2 During the Coronavirus Crisis: Salaries Integrated to 100% for All Employees

SAN DANIELE DEL FRIULI, Italy, May 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- LimaCorporate announces the Phase 2 plan during the coronavirus worldwide emergency which includes salaries to be integrated to 100% for all employees on social shock absorbers as more employees return to the company.

LimaCorporate has continued manufacturing and distribution from their two facilities in Italy throughout the entire crisis. All other employees have been working from home ensuring new product development, product registrations and key value creating activities of the business continue to move forward. 

This week, LimaCorporate announced the continuation of the social shock absorbers for another nine weeks for Italy, while for subsidiaries worldwide, the company will use the local forms of social shock absorbers, where available. But there will be a very important difference, with the support of the Shareholders and Advisory Board, it has been decided to integrate the salary of all employees to 100% for the following weeks, even those who have access to the different forms of social shock absorbers. "LimaCorporate innovates not only in standard ways through products and services, but also for our employees. This choice is a demonstration of the extreme attention and sensitivity of our shareholders and company towards our employees. We want to restore confidence, starting from the heart of our organization, and strengthen the sense of belonging among all workers," explains Luigi Ferrari CEO of LimaCorporate.

LimaCorporate is also preparing to bring back more employees to the facilities during Phase 2. In a staged approach, LimaCorporate employees will gradually return in small groups, where constant monitoring will occur, while others will remain on smart-working until it is deemed safe for all employees to return. "We are a company that always sets very ambitious goals, with high expectations for our employees. With high expectations comes high responsibility and I look to protect the health and safety for our employees, partners and business during this next phase," added Mr. Ferrari.

As a further step in stimulating the organization as the company exits from this crisis, the company is also studying a new incentive system with adjusted targets for 2020.

"We are slowly seeing a recovery for our business, and we do expect increasing turnover over the coming months. We must be ready to restart with energy and enthusiasm, fundamental elements to properly handle the recovery," concludes Mr. Ferrari.

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LimaCorporate is a global medical device company providing reconstructive and custom-made Orthopedic solutions to surgeons who face the challenges of improving the quality of life of their patients. Based in Italy, LimaCorporate is committed to the development of innovative products and procedures to enable surgeons to select ideal solution for every individual patient. LimaCorporate's product range includes large joint revision and primary implants and complete extremities solutions including fixation.

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