LIPOWER MARS-1000 PRO Solar Generator, Limitless Power For Rv Life And Power Outages

LIPOWER MARS-1000 PRO Solar Generator, Limitless Power For Rv Life And Power Outages

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- LIPOWER launched new product MARS-1000 PRO on August 15th, which has attracted widespread attention in the industry.

Compared with the MARS-1000, the charging speed, battery lifespan, safety guarantee, and user experience have been greatly improved. MARS-1000 PRO is compatible with 90% of electronic devices, providing safer and more durable power for indoor and outdoor.

Long-lasting and long-life battery

The MARS-1000 PRO features the same LiFePO4 battery packs as Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and other car brands, which safely passes special tests such as short circuit, overcharge, extrusion, acupuncture, etc.

The MARS-1000 PRO lasts for an astonishing 3500 cycles. This gives the battery about 7 times the lifespan of those found in most other power stations. If you fully drain and charge the MARS-1000 PRO once per day, the power station will last for more than 10 years.

Intelligent Cooling System

LIPOWER's system combines an extremely efficient large-area heat dissipation module with metal heat conduction brackets to ensure the device dissipates heat quickly. The result is a constant cooling system that ensures the MARS-1000 PRO is never in danger of overheating.

Green and Endless Power Supply

If you spend time camping and traveling in an RV, MARS-1000 PRO can be a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and convenient way to use electricity on the go.

MARS-1000 PRO takes the utmost 240W solar input and 200W AC input. When charging with 2 solar panels, it will get a full capacity within 5-6 hours. For RV or camping enthusiasts, It can realize daily circulating power supply. MARS-1000 PRO solar battery also supports AC + USB-C PD 60W Bi-directional charging and takes only 4–5 hours to be fully charged.

MARS-1000 PRO provides a 4-year long-term warranty after sale. Compared with the general 2-year warranty period in the industry, LIPOWER provides you with longer-term protection.

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