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Litheli Unveils eWagon W1 Pro and Power Hub Eclair 1000 Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo for Ultimate Outdoor Convenience

Litheli Unveils eWagon W1 Pro and Power Hub Eclair 1000 Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo for Ultimate Outdoor Convenience

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Litheli, a pioneer in smart power and tools solutions, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign featuring the highly anticipated eWagon W1 Pro, accompanied by the versatile Power Hub Eclair 1000.

The eWagon W1 Pro makes history as the world's first wagon powered by a power bank - the Litheli U-BATTERY Plus, coupled with the Eclair 1000, a powerhouse boasting an ideal power capacity that can be fully charged at an industry-leading speed, capable of housing and charging 2 U-BATTERY Plus units, propelling the eWagon W1 Pro to conquer further. This dynamic duo is poised to revolutionize outdoor activities with unparalleled convenience, with an astonishing 53% discount, the campaign carries out an unprecedented opportunity to own the future of electric wagons and power your adventures like never before.

Introducing the eWagon W1 Pro and Eclair 1000: A New Era of Outdoor Ease

The eWagon W1 Pro, revolutionaryly powered by the Litheli U-BATTERY Plus, is meant to boost most outdoor outings. With the portable Power Hub Eclair 1000, which houses and charges two U-BATTERY PLUS that power the eWagon W1 Pro simultaneously, makes it the mothership of eWagon W1 Pro's batteries. This robust combination offers an ideal solution for outdoor activities, set to usher in a new era of outdoor innovation and ease.

The UltraSpeed Power System's 500W motor provides the eWagon W1 Pro with an unrivaled degree of energy efficiency, making it easy to transport overwhelming objects, also allows users to adjust speeds from 0.6 to 1.3m/s. Also with rugged wheels and a durable build, while navigating diverse terrains or maintaining a specific pace, the eWagon W1 Pro offers excellent control. Boasting a fold-down tailgate, the eWagon W1 Pro's storage capacity is amplified to around 200L, this generous storage space making it an ideal choice for various outdoor activities such as camping, RV trips, gardening, ballgames, even fishing. Space nightmares are over thanks to the simple folding mechanisms and convenient transport of the eWagon W1 Pro.

The Power Hub Eclair 1000 is equally amazing and raises the benchmark for portable power. With a staggering capacity of 921Wh that can be fully charged in just 59 minutes, plus two detachable 74Wh U-BATTERY Plus within, and a remarkable 1800W rated output power and a staggering 2200W peak via BlitzDrivz™ technology, making it an indispensable partner for remote work and outdoor adventures, also a reliable power source to the eWagon W1 Pro as it could charge two U-BATTERY Plus simultaneously.

Speaking at the campaign launch, Ivy Ying, Litheli's General Manager, expressed her enthusiasm for the eWagon W1 Pro and Power Hub Eclair 1000. "These products show Litheli's dedication to providing innovative solutions that elevate outdoor experiences. The eWagon W1 Pro and Power Hub Eclair 1000 epitomize our commitment to efficiency, convenience, and a more sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle."

Empowering with Litheli's Revolutionary IPS Model: Breaking Energy Boundaries

The eWagon W1 Pro isn't just a wagon powered by a power bank, all of these are based on Litheli's cutting-edge Infinity Power Share (IPS) model. The U-BATTERY Plus powers the eWagon W1 Pro, also functions as a power bank to power multiple devices, as well as the power source for new power tools. It seamlessly integrates with Litheli's U20 series tools which contain lawnmowers, leaf blowers and string trimmers, ushering in a revolution in cross-scenario power utilization and contributing to a greener world.

The eWagon W1 Pro can travel up to 3.4 km or 30 minutes over varied terrain with just one U-BATTERY Plus, allowing users to explore further. The U-BATTERY Plus's detachable design enables fast shifting, boosting convenience and reducing downtime. By recharging U-BATTERY Plus, Eclair 1000 can continuously power the forward travel of the eWagon W1 Pro.

Join Us on Indiegogo for Exclusive Crowdfunding Perks

Litheli invites backers to join the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, where you can secure the eWagon W1 Pro and Power Hub Eclair 1000 at an exclusive price, with launch day special offer as low as $199 for the eWagon W1 Pro and $499 for the Eclair 1000, at a remarkable 53% discount.

Visit Litheli eWagon W1 Pro to learn more and go on an exciting trip to discover a new lifestyle!

About Litheli

Founded in 2017, Litheli is an innovator of new energy power and tools, with the mission to make power more flexible and tools easier to use. After 3 years of product planning, R&D, and patent innovation, Litheli became the creator of the DC2.0 battery platform and Infinity Power Share (IPS).

Litheli has built product lines covering scenarios including indoor, garden, car, and outdoor, with a range of solar panels, power storage, standard external batteries, and battery-powered tools products, presenting a totally independent energy experience of generate, store, change, use, bringing more convenience and lower cost to the users.

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