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Lithium Werks to Sell Nanophosphate Cathode Powder to Lithium Battery Producers

Lithium Werks to Sell Nanophosphate Cathode Powder to Lithium Battery Producers GlobeNewswire September 16, 2020

Lithium Werks, B.V., announces plans to start selling the world-renowned Nanophosphate® cathode powder for lithium batteries to lithium battery producers. Lithium Werks is also entertaining offers for licenses for its global portfolio of low-cost LFP manufacturing process patents.

AUSTIN, Texas and ENSCHEDE, The Netherlands, Sept. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lithium Werks is pleased to announce that effective immediately, they are now selling their patented and proprietary, world leading Nanophosphate® powder. This technology was originally developed by MIT, and then first commercialized by A123 Systems, Inc. Lithium Werks has acquired rights to the game-changing, cobalt-free cathode material and is now willing to sell this leading LFP powder to lithium ion battery producers. While other battery companies are currently trying to reduce the amount of cobalt in their lithium ion batteries, Lithium Werks has succeeded in eliminating not only cobalt, but the expensive and heavy metal nickel. Nanophosphate® has been used and validated in over 10,000 hybrid electric buses on the road for millions of miles since 2014, as well as used in many other medical, industrial and energy storage products over the last decade.

“We are pleased to sell our Nanophosphate® cathode powder, the world’s premier Lithium Iron based Phosphate (LFP) powder. While other leading battery companies are trying to reduce the amount of cobalt in their lithium batteries, we have already achieved this,” says Joe Fisher, Co-Founder and CEO of Lithium Werks. “It is known globally for its Power.Safety.Life. and its lower total cost of ownership.”

Additionally, Lithium Werks is pleased to announce they are open to granting licenses of their LFP manufacturing process patents, which is a portfolio consisting of low-cost production methods to manufacture Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) cathode materials. It was originally invented and patented by Valence Technology, Inc. and was acquired by Lithium Werks, owner of the world’s largest patent portfolio of LFP materials and related technologies.

This patented process is universally recognized to be the most cost-effective method in manufacturing Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) cathode materials at scale. LFP is currently the world’s second most adopted cathode material for lithium ion batteries. It is particularly relevant today as it does not contain any cobalt, and is known globally for its power, safety and long cycle life versus other lithium-ion cathode materials.

“There is no Co or Ni in LFP,” says Lithium Werks CTO, Dr. Yazid Saidi, who is a holder of several of the patents around LFP technology. “These patents, together with the process patents, enable a unique route to scalable and cost-effective production of this game-changing cathode material.”

For more information on obtaining a license or purchasing Nanophosphate®, please contact us at:

Lithium Werks has quietly put together the world’s leading position of Lithium Iron Phosphate materials, cells, modules and battery management systems. They are one of the world’s fastest growing lithium ion battery companies, and a global leader in LFP patents and products with operations in China, Europe and the United States. For more information about Lithium Werks, please visit us at


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