Liulishuo Pictured a New Era of Learning at 2018 Stanford China Education Forum; App and AI English Teacher Opening New Era Up

SAN FRANCISCO and SHANGHAI, May 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 12th, Yi Wang, the founder and CEO of Liulishuo (formally known as LingoChamp) was invited to attend the 2018 Stanford China Education Forum EXPO in Stanford University. The EXPO, held by Stanford Graduate School of Education and Education Practitioners and Innovators of China (EPIC), is a platform for bold ideas, inspiration, talent, and cutting-edge education technology. It gathered more than 15 industry leaders and education practitioners from spheres including STEM education, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence technologies, Early Childhood Education, etc., to demonstrate their innovative educational products and engage participants in an intellectual and inspiring conversation.

During the panel Yi joined, he discussed issues around the topic "Education Entrepreneurship in AI+ Era" with Joy Chen, Executive Advisor of TAL Education Group, and Linfeng Yang, CEO of OnionMath. Both TAL and OnionMath are focusing on K-12 education, and therefore have lots of insights to share with Liulishuo, which is currently incubating its K-12 product.

"OnionMath is working on Math, Physics, and will include more science subjects in the future. With the help of AI, we are able to offer personalized learning materials to our students so as to improve their learning performances," said Linfeng. "We've seen that Liulishuo has also been using AI technologies to make breakthrough in linguistic learning. Given we are from different subjects while both proved AI could bring good outcomes to learning, I am optimistic that AI technologies will be adapted to all subjects in the near future." Yi agreed with Linfeng, stating that he was also confident about the application prospects of AI in all-subjects, and even cross-subjects. "AI will certainly start a new era of learning," said Yi.

When asked by the host, Tom Costin from Owl Ventures, whether he had gone through any difficulties or doubts on his way to entrepreneurship, Yi gave an honest answer. "Yes, there used to be a hard time," said him. "When I at first had the idea of bringing AI to language learning, AI was still an unfamiliar concept to the public. It was not easy to convince the capital of the prospects of AI."

However, Liulishuo recruited software engineers and research scientists working on natural language processing (NLP) to develop its flagship product, Liulishuo mobile app, and launched their AI English teacher.

The product speaks for itself. Liulishuo now has over 70 million users, covering 379 cities in China and 175 countries around the world. It has also been featured by Apple as 'Selected Apps of the Year' and 'App Store Essentials'. More good news is Liulishuo's innovative AI English teacher has been proven to triple the learning efficiency compared to human teachers by CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Language) standards, according to a study using the TOEIC Bridge Test from ETS.

Furthermore, Liulishuo has been upholding its social responsibility to promote education equality. In June 2016, they started our 'Rural Education Support Project', to bring AI teacher to students and teachers in rural areas, inviting them to experience the benefits brought by new technologies.

During the Q&A session, Yi shared more perspectives with the audience interested in Chinese education industry. He credits much of Liulishuo's early successes to the timing of the product launch. "If you looked at App Store's ranking list at 2012, you will find most of the apps were developed by sole developers. Most of them are developing apps for out of personal interests, rather than for business reasons. But my team and I foresaw the trend of mobility in business. It wasn't just going to be about the utility of apps, but about solving problems for users. Mobile is a platform that can always be with you, so it has the ability to impact everything that you do, especially learning."

This is why Liulishuo has been maintaining the gamified settings and vibrant learning community in the basics in order to interact closely with their users and create an immersive learning ambiance for them.

After the panel, Yi expressed his gratitude towards the Stanford education EXPO and expressed what the future goals of Liulishuo were. Clinging to the goal of helping everyone become a global citizen, Liulishuo will keep on exploring the mode of 'AI+Education' and bring high-quality education resources to more parts of China.

About Liulishuo

Liulishuo is a world's leading AI-driven education technology company, founded by Yi Wang, Ben Hu and Hui Lin in September 2012. With a world's leading AI lab, Liulishuo has developed the world's most intelligent and highly effective AI English teacher which provides a personalized and adaptive learning path for every learner based on deep learning technologies. It is proven to triple the learning efficiency compared to human teachers in the CEFR standards.

Its flagship product Liulishuo is a leading English learning app and vibrant language learners' community in China with over 70 million users, covering 379 cities in China and 175 countries around the world. It has been featured by Apple as "Selected Apps of the Year" and "App Store Essentials".

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