The local tourist news site "Everyone's Tourism Association," operated by SB Japan, Inc., has opened the "TripTip Global" worldwide travel and tourism news site

TripTip Global is searching for contributors / newscasters

FUKUOKA CITY, Japan, Jan. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The tourism news site is looking to hire 3,000 contributors within Japan, "Everyone's Tourism Association," operated by SB Japan, Inc., has opened "TripTip Global," which broadcasts information about worldwide travel and tourism. As we are in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we consider broadcasting information about local areas very important. With APAC as the focus, we are looking for 30,000 contributors, and we will be dispatching each respective country's tourism and trip column campaign information. At present, we are looking to hire news contributors that will become worldwide companies and groups.

TripTip Global: 
Contributor entry form:

We are currently hiring news contributors

Why not share your country's travel and tourism information via "TripTip Global" without worries? We are hiring news contributors that will become worldwide companies and groups. Below are the site's details.

  1. Official URL:
  2. The language of use: Via English, we will broadcast worldwide with APAC as the focus
  3. News category: 1. Tourist-Information 2. Promotion 3. Campaign 4. Food/Special product 5. Column 6. Other (Six categories)
  4. Target group: Tourism Associations / Administration / Airline Companies / Travel Agents / Accomodation Facilities / Tourism Facilities
  5. Cost: Initial Registration is free / Once-a-month article-only broadcast is free / Each additional article (monthly) costs US $10.00.
  6. Free benefits: The said article will be translated into Japanese and transmitted throughout Japan via "Everyone's Tourism Association."
  7. Contributor entry:

Contributor news types

  1. One who will cover the local area's history, culture, and cuisine via a travel diary
  2. One who will introduce, in an enticing way, eateries and direct sales markets
  3. One who can hire those who will participate in food festivals, sports events, tourist products and the like
  4. One who can enticingly advertise the special benefits of "Present Campaigns"
  5. One who can do PR for new products, new plans, and so forth

At present, we are transmitting information about travel planning, events, campaigns, new products, eateries, and so forth, in various local places throughout Japan to a worldwide audience.

The capacity to spread information via SNS

"TripTip Global" has started an SNS page where we are currently broadcasting one section of news via simultaneous delivery. We are hoping to acquire 300,000 followers via Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. Please enjoy our worldwide travel and tourism news via SNS.


Now hiring partner companies

At "TripTip Global," we are now hiring news contributors who will become companies and groups, agencies that will sell tie-up plans, and media partners that will distribute content. For the conditions of hire, we shall decide via direct contact. The partners we wish to hire will meet the following conditions:

  1. Partners who will participate in involving news contributors
  2. Agency partners who will sell tie-up plans
  3. Media partners who will distribute information content
  4. Others that will utilize "TripTip Global's" new business proposals

Contact information

SB Japan, Inc. 
+81 942-85-7712
"Everyone's Tourism Association JAPAN TOURISM INFO"