Los Angeles LYHT – Coaching With Maya/Chakra Healing Spiritual Retreat Announced

Los Angeles, CA - Maya McClean, spiritual life coach and CEO of Live Your Highest Truth (LYHT), announces her 8-day healing retreat in Tulum, Mexico. The world-renowned celebrity life coach helps students heal their chakras so that they discover a deeper level of self-love.

Scheduled for March 13, 2022 to March 20, 2022, the newly announced chakra cleansing spiritual retreat is recommended for those who feel burdened by the everyday minutia of their life. Maya guides participants to explore new parts of themselves, release limiting beliefs, and align with their true purpose – their LYHT, (Live your highest Truth).

More details can be found at https://mayamcclean.com/retreats

The new retreat by LYHT – Coaching with Maya offers a holistic approach to healing and personal development. Having helped hundreds of business executives, celebrities, and high-power professionals in their life paths, Maya explains that the core essence of life is authenticity. Once a person recognizes their highest truth, they can then pursue their goals and achieve financial autonomy and personal happiness.

Thus, this healing retreat in Tulum, Mexico, is much more than a spiritual endeavor, though aspects of the program will focus on this. Rather, the intuitive life coach says that the goal is to clarify one’s true life’s vision by learning to connect with one’s self. Further details can be found at https://mayamcclean.com/retreats

This is achieved by first releasing negativity around the chakras. Life coach and spiritual advisor, Maya, likens the process to a cup filled with poison. Because the cup is already full, it cannot accommodate any more liquid, even life-saving water. Similarly, if a person is consumed with negativity and has blocked chakras, no amount of guidance or coaching can help.

Those on their enlightened path must first release their limiting beliefs and gain power in listening to their inner voices. Only then can they receive spiritual downloads that will show them their paths. This has a compounding effect, as finding one’s inner truth opens the soul to receiving other blessings, including financial stability, creative flow, and emotional balance, among others.

LYHT – Coaching with Maya offers early-bird discounts until December 18, 2021. A payment plan option is also available, with an initial deposit of $800 to hold a reservation.

The healing retreat will be held at the Paledora Eco Resort, a well-known haven for those seeking solace in a sacred land.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://mayamcclean.com

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