"Love Life Charity Concert 2019" Proceeds Donation to Unleash Foundation and Bridge Foundation

HONG KONG, April 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- "Love Life Charity Concert 2019 " is organized by Dance Galore Company Limited, its founder Ms. Jean Gan owns "Jean Gan Ballet Academy of Ballet and Music" in Malaysia for 34 years. The concert was held on Sunday, March 31, 2019 at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts - Hong Kong Jockey Club Amphitheatre.  This meaningful concert hopes to spread the message of love through music and dance, encourage the love of life and braveness in facing the challenges of life.  All proceeds of the concert will be donated to Unleash Foundation and Bridge Foundation, two charities that promote social and diversity development to benefit many of Hong Kong's underprivileged communities.

The production and performance team of "Love Life Charity Concert 2019 " is headed by famous Hong Kong musician Mr. Andrew Tuason as music director and conference audio consultant; famous radio program host Mr. Gary Ngan as creative consultant, host performer; concert production consultant by Mr. Vigo Yau.

Famous Hong Kong celebrities Ms. Paula Tsui Siu Fung, Mr. Bowie Wu Fung, Ms. Lana Wong, Maestro Mak Ka Lok, Mrs. Mak (Aliena Wong) and 400 local and overseas audiences came to support the charity concert
Famous Hong Kong celebrities Ms. Paula Tsui Siu Fung, Mr. Bowie Wu Fung, Ms. Lana Wong, Maestro Mak Ka Lok, Mrs. Mak (Aliena Wong) and 400 local and overseas audiences came to support the charity concert

Famous Hong Kong celebrities Ms. Paula Tsui Siu Fung, Mr. Bowie Wu Fung, Ms. Lana Wong, Maestro Mak Ka Lok, Mrs. Mak (Aliena Wong) and 400 local and overseas audiences came to support the charity concert, the organizer is very grateful to all sponsors include Beijing Tong Ren Tang Fook Ming Tong Chinese Medical Center, Yi Yue Opera Music Society, Tak Hing, Tsui Yuen Dessert Expert , ABC Pathways International Kindergarten, Cheong Choo Group of Companies, Chun Fu Development Sdn Bhd, Dr. Healthlase, JWater, Lisbridal, TCSENS, Sonata, parents and volunteers committee from Dance Galore Malaysia. All the support brings more positive energy and caring messages for Hong Kong.

Dance Galore Malaysia has bi-annually hosted a charity concert in Malaysia, with money raised to support various non-profit organizations in Malaysia. In August 2018, for the first time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Dance Galore hosted two shows of "Life Dance Galore Charity Concerts 2018" with its main theme of cherishing and loving life; a celebration with dance and music, bringing forth the messages of love and care, with songs and dances relaying the power to encourage life and create dreams. The concert was well received by Malaysian media and praised for its promotion of love and positivity. Following the success of the charity performances in Malaysia, Dance Galore has given Hong Kong's audience a chance to enjoy "Love Life Charity Concert 2019". Ms. Jean Gan and the fellow Hong Kong performers hope to bring the same positive energy and message of love of life to Hong Kong as well, through artistic interpretation of music and dance.

Concert program including:

  • Mr. Gary Ngan with a three song performance.
  • Sister, singer, songwriter duet Kacey and Kaelyn performed their self-written song "Life", a song about the love of life and the importance of family.
  • Ms. Huo Shijie famous erhu performer, Mr. Wu Li Shan famous guzheng performer and Mr. Andrew Tuason famous Hong Kong Musician delighted audience with a special collaboration of songs, creating a truly unique and wondrous moment.
  • ABC Pathways International Kindergarten - Children's choir 3-6 years of age, performed the song "You Raise Me Up". Meanwhile, another group of students performed a baby ballet dance. Each performance advocating the teaching philosophy of "Jean Gan Academy of Ballet and Music"; "a child must be given the opportunity and stage to perform, in order to create their own dreams".
  • Hong Kong sand painting artist, Lee Sai Ho is the first special needs sand painting instructor in Hong Kong. He was diagnosed with autism at a young age. Through loving support from his mother, Sai Ho learned the art of sand painting, and thus changed his life in a positive direction. It gave him confidence and his experience has inspired many. 

Dance Galore "Love Life Charity Concert 2019" hopes to bring positive influence and motivation in life through different life stories.  It believes that the world is full of love and hope. By raising funds through this concert, it aims to help those in need through emotional and financial support. The funds raised this time are donated to two different Hong Kong charities, namely: " Bridge Foundation",  a charity foundation with aims to support low income families of children affected with autism and other special educational needs to receive assessment, therapy treatments and early intervention trainings.

Website: http://www.bridge.edu.hk/bridge-foundation.html 
Donation Hotline: (852)3563-8060

"Unleash Foundation", it serves people of different social classes, different categories and ages, such as youth, people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, etc., to encourage them to develop their potentia and promote the human spirit.  Through a variety of activities, including public education, cultural exchange groups, youth summer internship programs, publishing books, reading programs, inclusive concerts, charity competitions, etc., and raising funds in the form of fundraising and grants, so that their plans can be continue to develop, give positive and positive power to the society, and give back to the society.

Website: http://www.unleashfoundation.org
Donation Hotline: (85) 2157-0752

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Organizer:  Dance Galore Company Limited

Dance Galore Company Limited was founded in Hong Kong in 2019 by Ms. Jean Gan, founder of Jean Gan Ballet Academy of Ballet and Music. The Jean Gan Ballet and Conservatory was founded in 1985 in Malaysia. The College offers ballet (RAD and ISTD) preschool classes to children and adults, as well as jazz and piano classes. Ballet training is usually designed to foster balance, coordination, rhythm, musicality and self-expression. However, the school also hopes to nurture talented people through dance and music to become a loving star of tomorrow, increase their confidence and realize their dreams.

Facebook: @lifedancegalore
Facebook:Jean Gan Ballet Academy
YouTube: Life https://youtu.be/H9WPKRhOS1o

ABC Pathways International Kindergarten - Children's choir
"You Raise Me Up" Video - https://youtu.be/JUCLJIWYf1E

Baby Ballet Dance
"Somewhere over the rainbow" video - https://youtu.be/_Vg8cDDOxjs

Kacey & Kaelyn
"Moon Story" video - https://youtu.be/y8hykiloVE8
"Life" (English version) video - https://youtu.be/9rpy2vRyvu4

Gary Ngan, Kacey & Kaelyn
"Love without End" video -  https://youtu.be/T9V8mQbyeIs

Photo - https://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20190403/2423478-1