Lucky Gift Card launch is set to take the gift card market by storm

LONDON, Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Wilmington Holdings PLC is excited to announce the launch of one of the most original gift cards ever seen, the Lucky Gift Card.

Uniquely, a Lucky Gift Card grants the owner free membership of a lottery pool forever. It's like a share of the lottery for life. Once the gift card has been registered online, there's nothing else to do. No buying tickets, picking numbers or checking results. The pool does it all. 

The pool enters the Crypto Millions Lotto twice a week, where it plays for prizes, including a jackpot that starts at $30 million and increases whenever it's not won. Anyone who owns a Lucky Gift Card is part of that forever.

Buying and giving a Lucky Gift Card couldn't be easier. It's a simple three-step process that takes moments and it all happens at the Lucky Gift Cards website. It can be loaded with as little as $10.

Lucky Gift Cards are set to become the must-have gift. They're endless fun. Think of the smile on the face of someone special who receives this extraordinary gift. A gift that really does keep on giving.

Winnings are paid in bitcoin, the world's most exciting, widely used and best performing digital currency. And they're freely available to withdraw, save or spend at any time.

Commenting on the launch, Head of Marketing, David Byrne, said, "We are really excited to be launching Lucky Gift Cards in time for the Asian community to gift them for Lunar New Year next month. We don't think there is anything else like it on the market. After that we'll extend them to other major holidays and gift-giving celebrations such as Diwali and Christmas."

He added, "As well as being great fun, we believe Lucky Gift Cards have the potential to earn people a lot of money. If you had given someone a $100 Lucky Gift Card on Lunar New Year 2016, their winnings would be more than $4,000 today. We can't think of anything similar that could have earned as much."

About Lucky Gift Cards

Lucky Gift Cards is managed and operated by Wilmington Holdings PLC, a UK public limited company headquartered in London, and its wholly owned subsidiary, Wilmington Operations Limited.

About Crypto Millions Lotto 

Crypto Millions Lotto is a lottery licensed to operate in more than 180 countries. Jackpots are fully insured and are based on the outcome of the 6aus49 German National Lottery, which has been operational since 1955 and is televised twice weekly.

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