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Lunit Advances to Stage 2 of Australia's National Breast Cancer Screening Project

Lunit Advances to Stage 2 of Australia's National Breast Cancer Screening Project
  • After a successful stage 1, Lunit INSIGHT MMG moves to prospective validation in Australia's BreastScreen NSW Machine Reading Solution Project

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Lunit (KRX:328130.KQ), a leading provider of AI-powered solutions for cancer diagnostics and therapeutics, today announced its progression to the second stage of the BreastScreen NSW (BSNSW) Machine Reading Solution Project.

Lunit's AI-powered mammography analysis solution 'Lunit INSIGHT MMG'
Lunit's AI-powered mammography analysis solution 'Lunit INSIGHT MMG'

BSNSW, a key part of the national BreastScreen Australia Program, is a joint initiative funded by the Commonwealth, state and territory governments, and managed by the Cancer Institute NSW (New South Wales' cancer control agency). The program's primary objective is to enhance the survival rates of women diagnosed with breast cancer by facilitating early detection. BSNSW offers complimentary mammograms to women aged 40 and over, playing a pivotal role in the fight against breast cancer.

Last year, Lunit INSIGHT MMG, Lunit's AI-powered mammography analysis solution, was selected as the preferred AI technology for mammogram screening in the BSNSW State program. The selection of Lunit INSIGHT MMG was a global first, marking the beginning of a new era where national cancer screening organizations assess the operational role of AI solutions in maintaining and improving client outcomes.

The project's first stage validated the accuracy and clinical benefits of Lunit INSIGHT MMG, where approximately 650,000 mammograms were analyzed against historical reports delivered by BSNSW radiologists. The successful completion has paved the way for Lunit to move forward to the next.

In the upcoming Stage 2, Lunit INSIGHT MMG will undergo a prospective validation in the intended production workflow. An estimated 200,000 exams will be assessed over six months, with the system shadowing radiologist reads across the duration of the stage. This project stage will also include evaluations of Lunit's recently FDA-cleared Lunit INSIGHT DBT, an AI solution for 3D breast tomosynthesis.

"As we progress through the stages of the BreastScreen NSW Machine Reading Solution Project, it's not just about validation; it's a journey reshaping the landscape of cancer diagnostics. The world's first deployment of AI in a national cancer screening program signifies more than technical milestones—it's about setting a precedent and raising the bar for excellence in healthcare," said Brandon Suh, CEO of Lunit.

Upon successful completion of Stage 2, Lunit will advance to the final Stage 3, operational deployment. In this final stage, Lunit INSIGHT MMG solution will be integrated into the BSNSW PACS/BIS environment, supplying AI reports for screening exams across the organization. 

Once all three stages are completed, Lunit will secure a 5-year operational contract with BSNSW, including a renewal clause that extends the agreement for up to 10 years. Lunit expects this partnership to lead to further secure supply and operation in similar screening programs throughout Australia, Oceania, Asia, and Europe.

"As we move on to the second and final stages, we pledge to do our utmost to ensure the success of these critical milestones. We are honored to take part in the BSNSW project, paving a new way and contributing to elevated standards in cancer diagnostics through AI," added Brandon.

About Lunit

Founded in 2013, Lunit is a deep learning-based medical AI company on a mission to conquer cancer. We are committed to harnessing AI to ensure accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment for each cancer patient using AI-powered medical image analytics and AI biomarkers.

As a medical AI company grounded on clinical evidence, our findings are presented in major peer-reviewed journals, such as the Journal of Clinical Oncology and the Lancet Digital Health, and global conferences, including ASCO and RSNA. 

After receiving FDA clearance and the CE Mark, our flagship Lunit INSIGHT suite is clinically used in approximately 3,000+ hospitals and medical institutions across 40+ countries. Lunit is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, with offices and representatives worldwide. For more information, please visit

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