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Luoyang Weida Petrochemical's CRC technology leads the new direction of FCC technology

Luoyang Weida Petrochemical's CRC technology leads the new direction of FCC technology
LUOYANG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 2 June 2023 - From June 1 to 3, at the 2023 industrial green development conference held in Guangzhou, the cold regenerant recycling (CRC) technology exhibited in the comprehensive exhibition area of 2023 industrial green development achievement exhibition won the favor of visitors.

The cold regenerant circulation (CRC) catalytic cracking technology was selected as "the top 20 advanced and applicable low carbon technologies in raw material industry in 2023".

At the exhibition site, Li Li, deputy general manager of Luoyang Weida Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Luoyang Weida petrochemical") said in an interview with reporters that Luoyang Weida Petrochemical is a technological innovation enterprise in the field of carbon neutralization. After 15 years of continuous improvement, its independently developed cold regenerant cycle (CRC) technology has achieved major breakthroughs in basic theory, experimental research and industrial application. This technology first puts forward the concepts of multi zone optimization and reaction depth optimization control of catalytic cracking (FCC) reaction, realizes a subversive new riser reaction path, and leads the development direction of FCC technology.

Catalytic cracking (FCC) process is the core of China's oil refining industry and the main means of light heavy oil. With the increasing trend of crude oil deterioration and heaviness, and the increasing blending ratio of FCC residue, the quality of gasoline produced by FCC process becomes worse, which intensifies the environmental pollution. The complete set of CRC technology and equipment with the characteristics of energy conservation, emission reduction and low carbon efficiency has finally ushered in a development opportunity.

Since 2008, through independent research and development, the CRC project R & D team composed of Li qunzhu of Luoyang Weida Petrochemical has made a series of core technologies and engineering innovation achievements, such as reaction process, key equipment and optimization control, and realized the world's first set of industrial applications.

In February 2015, the project passed the industrialization demonstration organized by the China Productivity Promotion Center Association. The appraisal and demonstration opinions of academician Jin Yong, academician Yang Qiye and other industry experts pointed out that the CRC technology adopts mature and reliable cold regenerant circulation and control technology, scientifically solves the current common contradictions among reaction temperature, regeneration temperature, feed temperature and agent oil ratio, and overcomes the worldwide problems that have plagued the FCC technical community for more than 30 years, For the first time, the multi zone optimization of RFCC reaction and the optimal control of reaction depth were realized.

Li Li said that after the successful development of CRC technology, PetroChina oil & Gas Co., Ltd. and PetroChina overseas Guangxi Dongyou asphalt Co., Ltd. adopted CRC technology for technical transformation, making CRC technology achieve good economic benefits in the application of 1million T / a large FCC industrial device.

The operation of the industrial plant shows that the CRC technology has a significant effect on energy conservation and emission reduction, which can improve product quality and reduce the concentration of NOx and Sox in flue gas. Compared with the existing FCC technologies at home and abroad, the light oil yield of CRC technology is increased by 1.7 percentage points, the energy consumption is reduced by 11.6kg standard oil / ton of raw material, the unit consumption of catalyst is reduced by 30%, and the efficiency of each ton of raw material is increased by 166 yuan. At the same time, the quality of gasoline and diesel produced is significantly improved, and the flue gas emissions are significantly reduced, in which Sox is reduced by 30% and NOx concentration is reduced by 40%. Its operating indicators are significantly better than the existing FCC technology, and are at the international leading level. For the first time, CRC technology has realized the independent control and optimal control of the catalyst oil ratio, and then can realize the optimal control of the FCC device. It is safe, reliable, low-carbon and efficient, and has both economic and environmental benefits. Its industrial application will help the oil refining industry to be digital and intelligent, and significantly reduce energy and material consumption.

In June 2014, the project passed the achievement appraisal organized by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, and won the first prize for scientific and technological progress of China Petrochemical Federation. In 2015, the cold regenerant circulation (CRC) technology won the second prize of the National Science Progress Award.

In November, 2021, CRC technology was selected as the "typical case of carbon neutralization" in 2021 by the people's network, China Environmental Protection Federation and the Ministry of ecological environment. In February, 2022, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of ecological environment and the Energy Administration jointly issued the guidelines for the implementation of energy conservation and carbon reduction transformation and upgrading, which listed "CRC technology" as a mature "green process technology" in the oil refining industry during the "fourteenth five year plan".

On May 28 this year, at the award ceremony of the 6th ZhongGuanCun international frontier science and technology innovation competition, Beijing keruiyin Low Carbon Technology Co., Ltd., invested by Luoyang Weida petrochemical, won the title of "TOP10 in the field of carbon neutralization" in the 6th ZhongGuanCun international frontier science and technology innovation competition.

According to Li Li, at present, CRC technology has been granted a number of national invention patents. Luoyang Weida petrochemical company has fully independent intellectual property rights. All equipment, instruments and materials required for the implementation of CRC technology can also be based in China and play a strong driving role in related industries. The technology is applicable to both new and existing units, so it has strong market competitiveness and broad market prospects for large-scale industrial applications. According to the market share of 50%, during the 10 years from 2020 to 2030, China will increase profits and taxes by about 250billion yuan, save 22.95 million tons of standard coal, and achieve a total CO2 emission reduction of 141 million tons.

Academician Jinyong and other experts pointed out that the cold regenerant circulation (CRC) technology has led the development direction of catalytic cracking (FCC) technology. Its popularization and application will realize the low-carbon production of catalytic cracking units, greatly improve the energy conservation, emission reduction and cleaner production level of China's refining and chemical industry, and make positive Chinese contributions to the global petrochemical industry.

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