Luxify Releases New App For Luxury Shopping On-The-Go

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - Sep 26, 2017 - Luxify , Asia's leading online luxury marketplace, is set to boost online luxury commerce in Asia with its new app available for iPhones. The new app allows luxury consumers to browse and shop over 60,000 luxury products from over 2,000 of the world's best luxury brands and dealer across the world anywhere and anytime.

To fulfill its vision of seamlessly connecting Asian buyers to some of the world's finest dealers, Luxify has focused on making its app an easy, safe and reliable platform. It offers exclusive market information, as well as a direct access to one of the Internet's largest collection of luxury products. The product range is comprised of exquisite, antique and exclusive items from product categories such as arts, collectibles, antiques, watches, handbags, luxury experiences, cars, and real estate. Collectively, Luxify's product inventory is worth over USD160 billion, and it is inarguably the go-to destination for online luxury shoppers in Asia. Luxury shoppers can access both unique luxury items such as a classic 1982 British Royal Air Force Harrier Jump jet from the Cold War Era or the freshly announced Mercedes-AMG Project ONE as well as a wide range of discounted luxury products on the new app.

The new app enables users to discover, search and browse for luxury items, message dealers, negotiate prices and directly make purchases from their mobile device. " Online luxury sales are growing at a much faster pace than offline luxury sales in the region" says Florian Martigny , co-founder of Luxify. Luxury consumers in Asia are among the most-connected demographic groups. "These shoppers interact online before they decide what to buy, where to buy or how much they're willing to pay for a particular luxury product" added Martigny.

This is an opportunistic time for Luxify, as the rising generation of Asians have markedly greater risk taking attitudes and affluent lifestyles. Their demands, expectations and buying behaviours are reflected in their inclination to indulge in luxurious online purchases. While the average age of online luxury consumers is 10 years younger than other buyers in the Western world, they are extremely well educated, suave, and tech-savvy. " The increasing consumer income and spending power among young Asians is driving growth of online luxury shopping," says Martigny.

While online luxury purchases have been increasing throughout Asia, recent studies have shown promising growth in Southeast Asian markets. In particular, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand have shown significant hikes in online luxury purchases. Martigny anticipates traffic to continually increase on the Luxify app as luxury brands look to expand into these emerging markets.

Founded in 2014, Luxify has become one of Asia's leading luxury marketplaces. It is the go-to destination for luxury enthusiasts and collectors in Asia, providing easy, safe and reliable market access to the luxury market. For more information on Luxify: .

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