The Luxury Building and Construction Exhibition Housing Brand Fair 2018 Will be Held on January 18th - January 21st 2018

- Quality Building Materials and Quality Houses Will Be on Display

- The Housing Brand Fair is a large and luxurious building and construction exhibition in Seoul

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Housing Brand Fair, a building and construction exhibition showing the latest architectural trends, will be held in 2018.

The 14th Housing Brand Fair is a competition venue for new products and technologies in the field of architecture. It has become an essential exhibition for architects, public officials, buyers, etc. leading the trend in the domestic architectural market and introducing luxury building materials.

The Living Brand Fair and Tool Show are held simultaneously in order to satisfy both general consumers (B2C) and professionals (B2B). In addition, along with the DIY-interior boom in Korea, we are trying our best to meet visitors' needs by preparing guaranteed quality contents. The 14th Housing Brand Fair is held from January 18 (Thurs) to January 21 (Sun) 2018 on the entire 1st floor of COEX (Hall A, B), located in Samseong-dong, Seoul.

Point 1. Housing Brand Fair, the Beginning of Building & Construction Market in 2018

Housing Brand Fair, the first building and construction exhibition held in 2018, aims to be a 'luxury building and construction exhibition' that leads the high-quality housing culture and related industries.

From building materials to energy-saving materials, urban type housing, and rural housing construction and reform, the products spanning all fields in architecture are introduced to meet the needs of the gentrified housing trend. In addition, we offer the best business place in which marketing for new products and the sharing of the newest information and technologies are conducted.

Point 2. Color Marketing Zone, Featured at Housing Brand Fair

The Color Marketing Zone has been held since 2013, which has become a unique event only featured at Housing Brand Fair. It has shown special contents in the event and has satisfied visitors.

Color Marketing Zone consists of:

Red Zone (Interior-exterior materials / structural materials / lighting / electrical equipment, window materials)

Blue Zone (Waterproofing/insulators, air conditioning and heating/ventilation equipment, tools and building equipment, new renewable energy)

Green Zone (Landscape architectural materials, urban renewal business, personalized housing)

A one-stop service to view all building materials and housing-related industries, from environmentally-friendly products to other new products, are offered there.

Point 3. A Powerful Marketing Place for the Architecture Market

Every year, Housing Brand Fair is held at COEX, the main place of construction and economy, which makes it a competitive and distinctive building and construction exhibition.

Major construction companies, architecture firms, famous interior companies, and construction developers (B2B) will be able to conduct successful marketing and gain information by meeting consumers with purchasing power and conducting the exhibition together with the growing number of participating international businesses.

Secretariat of 2018 Housing Brand Fair
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