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Luxury Hotel 'Anshin Oyado' for the True Hot Spring Experience

Luxury Hotel 'Anshin Oyado' for the True Hot Spring Experience

The Next-Generation Capsule Hotel 'Anshin Oyado'
Luxury Hotel 'Anshin Oyado' true hot spring experience
- A problem facing the rapidly growing inbound FIT segment, 56% of hot springs refuse service to people with tattoos
- With the number of visitors to Japan set to double for the Tokyo Olympics, cultural understanding is needed

Kyoto, Japan, Aug 28, 2018 - (JCN Newswire) - The rapid growth of tourism in Japan, particularly among the FITs (free independent traveler) segment, has served to highlight the issue of restrictions on hot spring use that have been placed upon people with tattoos. Anshin Oyado, the Next-Generation Capsule Hotel operated by Tokyo-based Sanza Co, Ltd. addresses this problem, extending its services to people with tattoos at all of its locations.

At Anshin Oyado's Kyoto Shijo Karasuma location, which opened in April 2018, anyone, including visitors to Japan from abroad, Japanese tattoo enthusiasts, women and children can enjoy the hot spring experience.

- 56% of hot springs refuse service to people with tattoos; the inbound tourism industry needs to welcome all cultures

According to a survey of approximately 3,700 hot spring facilities across Japan carried out by the country's Ministry of Environment (June 2016), 56 percent of the facilities that responded said they refuse service to people with tattoos interested in bathing. The reason for this appears to be the continued practice of such decisions being made according to the opinions of facility management, which may include stereotypes toward tattoos, such as their association with organized crime.

However, the Japanese government released a statement on February 21, 2017,stating that individuals shall not be denied access to public bathhouses solely on the grounds of the presence of tattoos, which shows signs of improvement are appearing. It is clear that with events including the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the number of foreign athletes and tourists in the country will double. So, there is an urgent need to secure a system for receiving these visitors, especially one that would lead to greater cultural understanding.*

- Anshin Oyado's Kyoto Shijo Karasuma location offers the hot spring experience to inbound FITs (free independent travelers) and families

The hot spring experience is one of the uniquely Japanese activities that fascinate travelers from abroad. In order to help visitors enjoy this experience, Anshin Oyado welcomes guests with tattoos at all of its locations. The Kyoto Shijo Karasuma location opened in April 2018 and is close to popular tourist attractions. At this location, Anshin Oyado is actively working to meet the needs of FITs (free independent travelers) and families, two segments that are growing rapidly, even by the standards of the booming inbound tourism industry.

In terms of hot springs, this location offers the Shijo Karasuma Hot Spring, which is a large public bath, as well as a stone sauna, a hot mist sauna and cold baths. With these facilities, the Firefly Open Air Bath, which features highly carbonated spring water and LED lighting, and more, the hotel boasts bathing facilities considered to have beneficial effects for people who experience neuralgia, rheumatism, lower back pain, fatigue, and sensitivity to cold. This is a place where guests can fully refresh even after long walks that are a common part of sightseeing.

Under the concept of "Next-Generation Capsule Hotel," Anshin Oyado is reshaping the old image of the capsule hotel. Here is a new-style place designed primarily for 'staying in' in pursuit of new forms of entertainment value.

* Guests with tattoos are welcome at this hotel, however entry is strictly denied to those members and associates with criminal organizations, and anyone whose behavior inconveniences other guests.
* Source: Ministry of Environment

Hotel Details
- Luxury Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado, Premier Kyoto Shijo Karasuma
- 239-1 Shinmeicho, Ayanokojidori Higashinotoin-dori-Higashi-iru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
- Telephone - Toll-free: 0120-083-554 / Outside Japan: +81-75-354-7716

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