Lv Weisheng, VP, Shanghai Institute of Public Relations: China's Contribution Cannot Be Denied

NEW YORK, NY, Apr 19, 2020 - (ACN Newswire) - Last week a report entitled "The Global Pandemic Resistance, Can Not Do without China's Contribution and Experience" has attracted wide attention in overseas media. It highly recognizes China's successful experience in fighting the epidemic and its help to other countries in the world.

The author, Lv Weisheng, vice-president of the Shanghai Institute of Public Relations, believes the strong prevention and control measures taken by China not only safeguarded the health and public safety of the Chinese people, but safeguarded global public safety as well.

Lv: China's great sacrifice should be known to the world.

The lockdown of Wuhan on January 23 made history in China. A city with more than 10 million people had been locked down to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It was also China's first line of defense in preventing the epidemic from spreading overseas.

From February 11, Wuhan applied a closed-hand management approach to all residential communities and updated the diagnosis, treatment, prevention as well as control plans in a timely manner. More than 40,000 medical workers were dispatched from all over the country to support Hubei. Additional fiscal resources were provided to support the fight against the epidemic on many occasions, along with prompt medical aid and supplies to ensure the supply of daily necessities.

Two special hospitals were built in just over ten days, and a number of mobile hospitals were set up for handling emergency cases. The "China-Pace" has shocked the world. The determination and heroism of China's medical workers was impressive. Their efforts have paid off. The joint expert study group said the epidemiological curve showed those measures led directly to a gentle decline in new cases or at least they remained at a low level.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of WHO, said that China had contained more than 99% of the confirmed cases within its borders, which created a valuable period for the international community to begin fighting the epidemic.

Prevention and control measures, such as reducing travel and migration, will inevitably have negative impacts on the economy and the society. The direct impact of the epidemic on the economy is mostly concentrated on areas like transportation, tourism, entertainment, culture, education, retail and other tertiary industries. During this period, economic activities including the "Spring-Festival-Economy" which involved tourism, movies and catering, had been suspended.

"Only a country like China, which has such a singular political system, would rather sacrifice through a short period of economic downturn, but still choose to be responsible for the people, as well as the world". In Lv's view, Chinese anti-epidemic model is a practical approach to building a community and shared future for mankind.

As one of the great countries, China is responsible. Since the outbreak of coronavirus, China has been the first to identify the pathogen, the first to share its gene sequence with the World Health Organization, and the first to take the strictest prevention and control measures. China is also the first country to have achieved initial results in epidemic prevention and control, and to share its experience in fighting the epidemic with relevant countries. China also provided anti-epidemic assistance to more than 120 countries and 4 international organizations. China's actions have received positive affirmation within international communities.

"Foreign governments and public opinion have also taken note of China's efforts to combat the epidemic," LV said. The AAAS published magazine SCIENCE also recently published a joint report by researchers from the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries, saying that China's prevention and control measures successfully broke the chain of virus transmission as it strived to win valuable time for other countries to take their measures.

However, some western politicians and media have initiated a smear campaign against China since the outbreak. While China's "lockdown" meant the violation of "human rights and freedom," the "lockdown" in the west means "nobility". Even a dignitary renamed the coronavirus as the "Chinese virus". Someone even claimes China is telling lies for the COVID-19 pandemic and should take full responsibility. All of these scenarios only show prejudice and pride.

China's contribution to world epidemic prevention and control cannot be denied since it is a fact recognized by most nations in the world. Those who smear, as some foreign netizens said, only just find an excuse for the failure in epidemic prevention.President Xi Jinping pointed out that anti-epidemic activities are not only duties for the safety and health of the Chinese people, but also a responsibility for global public health.

Lv Weisheng also said at the end: "under the epidemic, science should be used to defeat ignorance and cooperation should be used to resist prejudice. China has always been a responsible country and it is committed to helping the international community resolutely fight against the epidemic."

Lv Weisheng, Vice President of the Shanghai institute of public relations.

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