Lydsto R1 Self-emptying Robot Vacuum Allows Users to Cross Vacuuming Off the Chore List

SHENZHEN, China, May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Lydsto R1 intelligent self-empty robot vacuum has received a significant upgrade in 2021 with the new Lysmart V5 algorithm, making it more powerful, convenient and smart than its predecessors.

Like before, the dust collecting/charging station combination frees users' hands completely from the chore of vacuuming. But the detail that most 'Best Robot Vacuum in 2021' reviews fail to mention is that suction power naturally declines as waste fills up the dust bag leaving users to manually clean it again. The new dual-core Allwinner MR112 processor, with the Lysmart V5 algorithm, solves this issue and the beautifully designed Lydsto self-empty robot vacuum operates just as well as it looks.

Lydsto R1 Self-empty Robot Vacuum
Lydsto R1 Self-empty Robot Vacuum

Unconventional Robot Vacuum Tackles Suction Loss

The Lysmart V5 algorithm empowers millisecond map creation and a high map creation rate, as well as an on-demand supply of power, breakpoints that continue scanning without getting lost, and intelligent multi-map memory meaning homes can be cleaned efficiently and thoroughly.

Whenever the robot vacuum navigates back to its dock, its dust bag is wiped completely clean to restore the powerful 2,700pa suction. All the dust and debris is stored in the 3L enclosed bag which simply needs to be discarded approximately every 30 days.

Empowering App Remote Control and Scheduled Cleaning

App remote control and scheduling are meant to free users from extra hassle but regular robot vacuums must be cleaned before each vacuuming session in order to operate effectively. The Lydsto R1, on the other hand, constantly works at maximum suction power allowing users to trust the app remote control and scheduling to properly clean the home.

Lydsto R1 Self-empty Robot Vacuum, Born Intrepid

Through the 430mm air duct (which is significantly shorter than on other models), the 1,000W home base motor runs at 50,000m/min to provide a 30,000pa strong suction that collects dust within 12 seconds while ensuring over 98% cleaning efficiency. The home base is equipped with 29 sensors to ensure pinpoint navigation, including an ST LPS22HBTR absolute pressure sensor, a Kodenshi ORA2S01 infrared sensor, among others.

Lydsto also packs this model with an all-around noise control solution including an exclusive noise reduction air duct design, soundproof stuffing, and double partitions making the Lydsto R1 a great start when upgrading cleaning appliances at home.  

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