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maaiiconnect's brand refresh represents a new era in customer engagement and internal team collaboration

maaiiconnect's brand refresh represents a new era in customer engagement and internal team collaboration

The leading digital convergence platform empowers companies with a futuristic communications ecosystem.

HONG KONG, May 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Pioneering digital convergence solutions provider M800 has today announced a new brand identity for its flagship product, maaiiconnect, to represent the next generation in global communications. The all-in-one solution for customer engagement and internal team collaboration guarantees exceptionally stable, carrier-grade connections across both telecom and digital channels, helping businesses tackle their toughest communications challenges.

Inspired by the cohesive, agile, and efficient structure of an ant colony, maaiiconnect brings together the best of telecom, web, and social media channels on a scalable platform. Similar to the dynamic network of ant tunnels connecting multiple nests, maaiiconnect's distributed infrastructure and intelligent features empower businesses to continuously evolve their communications and deliver ambitious business goals. The platform puts the customer at the centre of every business it serves by mobilising best-in-class voice and video calls, and smart messaging solutions. maaiiconnect is the first service that truly bridges the gap between telecom and datacom services. 

The new logo is brought to life in Cobalt Blue and Aqua-marine. The former colour denotes maaiiconnect's traditional roots -- a proven, reliable infrastructure at the heart of its cutting-edge technology. Infusing the design with vivid energy, the Aqua-marine colour represents maaiiconnect's promise to deliver scalable solutions that epitomise the future of communications. The synergy between the dots mirrors the relationship between maaiiconnect's enterprise clients and their customers -- a single interface connecting multiple touchpoints, including web communications, telecommunications, and social media channels.

"The current pandemic has fast-tracked digital transformation for companies globally," says Peter Chan, Founder and CEO of M800 Limited. "We are committed to ensuring maaiiconnect continues to help businesses with a freemium solution that maintains operations and drives business success during difficult times."

The platform gives companies the capabilities required to boost productivity and engage with customers anytime, anywhere, on any device, including:

  • External engagement tools. Voice and video call, QR code/weblink call and chat, virtual numbers, smart messaging, and third-party system integration.
  • The maaiiconnect dashboard. The software creates a 360 degree view of each customer in a single interface to enable personalised marketing solutions.
  • Internal collaboration tools. Group chat, video call, screen sharing, file sharing, and video conference. The latter launches in Q2.

The cornerstones of maaiiconnect's first-of-its-kind offering and guaranteed quality are M800's proprietary infrastructure and hybrid cloud splatform. This is built on a globally distributed network consisting of 28+ global PoPs, direct interconnections with over 160 tier-1 telecom carriers and mobile operators, and a contractual commitment to a 99.95% annual service uptime..

Experience maaiiconnect for free

maaiiconnect's Essentials Plan supports both your customers and employees with a suite of web-based communications solutions that keep your customers engaged and staff connected and motivated when working remotely.

Visit our brand new website at for more information or go straight to to get a head start on your company's digital transformation.

About maaiiconnect

maaiiconnect provides businesses with an all-in-one solution for customer engagement and internal collaboration. Leveraging an innovative multi-dimensional convergence model, maaiiconnect seamlessly unifies telecom and digital communication channels, such as PSTN, VoIP, websites, apps, and social networks. It is device agnostic, empowering employees to be more productive, as well as providing companies a platform to deliver a suite of multimedia experience to their customers anytime, anywhere, on any device. Learn more at


With over 35 years of experience, M800 is a pioneer in the global telecommunications, mobile, and IT convergence industries. The company was created by a group of telecommunications experts to revolutionise global communications. Supported by a proprietary infrastructure and network, M800 is committed to helping companies around the world tackle their toughest communication challenges. Learn more at


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