Macron Releases Hand Gesture Recognition app "FingerTalk"

- Enables hand gesture-based AR control

- Available for free download on Google Play

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- K-ICT Born2Global Centre announced that its member company Macron Co., Ltd. recently released its mobile application "FingerTalk," which allows users to experience hand gesture recognition technology.

Macron Co., Ltd. recently released its mobile application “FingerTalk,” which allows users to experience hand gesture recognition technology
Macron Co., Ltd. recently released its mobile application “FingerTalk,” which allows users to experience hand gesture recognition technology

FingerTalk is a newly released app that enables AR control via the user's hand gestures. To initiate the app's gesture recognition technology, the user simply raises his or her palm through the air, which results in the automatic appearance of an AR object in the user's palm. This object can then be thrown or moved around in other ways.

FingerTalk also uses hand tracking technology that includes a picture drawing function. Moving one's hand through the air in the shape of a star creates an image of a star, while drawing a heart results in the creation of a heart image/emoticon. Through image processing technology, the user can change the resulting image with a swipe of the hand. Regardless of the direction the hand moves through the air, the AR effect changes with each swipe.

FingerTalk is equipped with not only traditional computer vision technology but also deep learning technology. Based on mobile optimization, it was designed to process gestures at an even faster rate on smartphones.

Backed by over 20 years of experience in computer vision technology, Macron is currently developing a touchless gesture recognition control solution and an object segmentation solution.

The touchless gesture recognition control solution is based on a 2D camera embedded in the device being used (smart phone, tablet PC, PC, TV, etc.) that recognizes hand movements to control the device. The service will be available for a relatively low price, because it does not require a 3D camera or any additional sensors. In addition to face detection or recognition technology, this hand gesture recognition technology can be used to create content to attract the public's attention for devices like digital signage. The solution's greatest advantage is the fact that the camera recognizes gestures made with the user's bare hands (without a supplementary device such a glove or ring) to control the device.

Macron's independently developed object segmentation solution involves a two-dimensional smartphone camera. This technology extracts the image of the user and combines it with other forms of content. What differentiates Macron's technology is the fact that the image of the user can be combined with other content in real-time and made to interact with other objects and forms of content.  

For example, if a small child imitates the dance that a cartoon character does on television, an image of the dancing child can be displayed on the screen with other content in real time. This allows the child to engage in various activities with the virtual character, such as dancing and popping balloons.

Ph.D. Kil-Jae Lee, CEO of Macron said, "Macron's gesture recognition and object segmentation technologies are the core foundation for the true realization of mixed reality. The quality of these technologies has already been proven by hundreds of thousands of users, and they are currently increasing the convenience with which we use devices. We expect that the technology employed by the recently released FingerTalk as well as Macron's gesture recognition technology will allow users to interact with virtual objects in even more sophisticated ways."

The FingerTalk mobile application is available to download for free from Google Play.

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Eugene Choi
Chief Marketing Director of Macron

Jina Lee
PR Manager of K-ICT Born2Global Centre

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