Maison de ANAIS Taps Into the China Womenswear Market with "ANAIS" and "greygrei" Releasing on in Mid-September

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Targeting the womenswear market in their late 20's to late 30's, Seok Hyun Jung and Jeong Ho Lee are ready to release their new clothing brands 'ANAIS' and 'greygrei' into the Chinese market under their Korean young-casual clothing company, Maison de ANAIS Co., Ltd.

Maison de ANAIS at 'FORMEX', the biggest design fair in Northern Europe
Maison de ANAIS at 'FORMEX', the biggest design fair in Northern Europe

Early this year, Maison de ANAIS took part in the largest design exhibition in Northern Europe -- FORMEX -- which was held in Stockholm, Sweden. The company managed to successfully launch its products into the North European fashion industry while drawing high hopes from local fashion industry representatives and buyers. The brand tested the waters within the Chinese industry in July, 2018 by taking part in the Shandon Korean Product Exhibition (143 companies, 168 booths), where it not only drew the interest of buyers but also from commercial agents, proving its growth potential within the Chinese market. 'greygrei' is awaiting its official release on around this Fall, one of the 3 leading B2C internet shopping malls with the largest sales among Chinese E-commerce mobile apps.

A Maison de ANAIS Co., Ltd. spokesperson stated, "The online fashion market is attractive to us as it can be a key factor to settling down into the Chinese market among the fast changing sales industry in China. By introducing VIP.COM, Maison de ANAIS hopes to promote the brand to various buyers and distribution channels in China by increasing the brand competitiveness and reference of 'greygrei' as we establish direct contact with the customers."

The company is also introducing the brands 'greygrei' and 'Maison de ANAIS' alongside 'ANAIS', which focuses on daily practical clothing designs by appropriately mixing trendy items into their basic everyday clothing lineups. The basic contemporary casual brand has received increasing support each year from the Korean female consumer demographic thanks to their choices in using a differentiated collection of materials and patterns, promoting comfort and chic styling to fashion leaders focusing on borderless and ageless stylings.

President Jeong Ho Lee stated: "Times are changing where a wide range of age-groups, especially female consumers in between their late 20's and late 30's, are taking the main role in invigorating the fashion market in China, from an era where the early to mid 20's used to be at the helm. 'greygrei' and 'Maison de ANAIS' hope to write the success story with China as the main stage."

'greygrei' specialize on over-sized, loose-fit and H-silhouette coats, shirts and dresses with an overall minimalistic feel. We will strive to be noticed as a global brand by the Chinese consumers, for our efforts to pursuit the unique identity of Maison de ANAIS.

Maison de ANAIS Co., Ltd. 
President Jeong Ho Lee

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