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Major Upgrade to the New Moonstake Membership Program

SINGAPORE, Nov 18, 2020 - (ACN Newswire) - Moonstake's total staking asset has increased and successfully achieved in 3 months from the start of full-scale service and the number of users has increased, so the "membership program" that has been used by all users has been significantly upgraded. By this upgrading, now more people can receive many benefits.

What is the Moonstake membership program?

By introducing users to Monstake's staking, you can receive benefits such as discounts on staking fees and receipt of referral fees. By introducing new users, you can receive various benefits.

Moonstake membership program levels and benefits, registration requirements

There are four levels of membership. Depending on the level, the benefits you can receive and the prerequisites for registration differ. You must be a Gold or above member to receive referral rewards.

With this upgrade, free members can also participate in the staking referral program. As long as the referrer performs staking at Moonstake wallet, the staking fee will continue to be up to 10% of the validator fee.

With this upgrade, Platinum members, who are paid members, will continue to add benefits, including referral rewards through the campaign.

All users who have created a wallet with Moonstake have automatically registered as a basic membership. You can upgrade your level by meeting the KYC criteria stated in the registration conditions.

* Gold members (paid members) who registered before November 16th, 2020 will be automatically transferred to the following platinum members. After the update, (new) Gold members can register for free and issue a link to receive referral rewards for staking users.

How to participate in the Moonstake membership program
- Step1: Preparation before you process the registration setting
- Step2: WEB WALLET ACCOUNT registration settings
- Step3: Initial setting of WEB WALLET
- Step4: How to issue Affiliate link

* If you do not have an introducer or do not have a referral code, please contact us.

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