Malaysian employers rush to register foreign employees

Employers getting their papers in order at the One-Stop Centre in Putrajaya.

PUTRAJAYA- Employers are making a beeline for the 6P One-Stop Centre (6P OSC) here in a bid to register their foreign workers before a nationwide operation to flush out illegal immigrants begins on Jan 21.

A check yesterday revealed that many were waiting in a special tent outside the main building, where officers checked whether the employers' paperwork were in order before issuing them a number to wait for their turn to be attended.

Textile shop owner Johari Mansor, 47, who arrived at 10am to register his six foreign workers, said the employment requirements would burn a hole in his pocket as each foreign worker's levy was RM1,850.

"In addition to the levy, there is an extra RM125 for a sticker, RM190 for medical expenses and about RM250 for insurance.

"I would have to fork out about RM2,415 for each foreign worker and a total of about RM14,490 to keep all six of them. At this rate, I will not be able to afford employing them in two years' time," he said.

Employer Basri Omar, 47, called on the Government to extend the deadline because there were not enough working days next week.

"There are two public holidays next week, leaving us with only three days to get things done," he said in reference to Maulidur Rasul on Jan 14 and Thaipusam on Jan 17.

Penang-based employer Rohani Shuhimi, 55, who runs a cleaning services company, said she had visited the 6P OSC three times just to get her applications done.

"I had to pay RM46,000 in levy alone for 25 foreign workers. It is a big amount but there is nothing I can do as that is the rate determined by the Government," she said.

At the immigration office in Shah Alam, the queue was especially long as foreigners rushed to submit their documents.

Indonesian worker Mohd Abdul Malik, 38, said he waited for almost six hours to submit his papers.

"It so happens that my work permit ends on Jan 20," he said.

Mohd's employer said the Government had made a good move in ensuring the number of foreign workers in the country was kept to the minimum.

A security guard at the office said the number of visitors had increased tremendously and the office had become more crowded.