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Malaysian Genomics Grows Presence in Thailand

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia, Sep 23, 2022 - (ACN Newswire) - Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Berhad (Bursa: MGRC, 0155), a leading genomics and biopharmaceutical specialist, is pleased to announce today a series of collaborations to grow its customer base in Thailand as well as exploring opportunities for research and development (R&D) of new products and services.

Ms. Songsuda Panich, Founder of Marine Group; Encik Sasha Nordin, Chief Executive Officer of Malaysian Genomics; Mr. Choy Hong Yang, Director of Salus Holdings [L-R]

Chief Executive Officer of Malaysian Genomics, Encik Sasha Nordin

The Group signed a supply and collaboration agreement with Acquest Healthcare Stem Cell Research and Development Co. Ltd. to produce CAR T-cells for supply to Acquest's customers. Acquest is a well-established provider of various cell therapies to hospitals, specialist doctors, and patients in Thailand. It operates a state-of-the-art clinical laboratory and also the largest privately-owned specialty human cell culturing facility in the country.

The Group also signed a supply and collaboration agreement with Salus Holdings Co. Ltd. ("Salus") to supply biopharmaceutical and genomics products and services to Salus' customers. Salus is a specialist in wellness and health screening using science and technology for early disease detection and managing programmes for lifestyle intervention based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Finally, the Group signed a Letter of Intent with Marine Group Co. Ltd. and Salus on collaborative research in the use of genetic screening tests and formulated cosmetic products containing certain cell therapy ingredients on the regeneration of skin and hair of patients. Marine Group is an aesthetic and wellness specialist with a network of over 42 centres under the brands Slim Up(TM), Skin Doctors(TM), and Biocell(TM).

The signing ceremony was attended by His Excellency Dato' Jojie Samuel, Ambassador of Malaysia to Thailand and Encik Mohamed Hafiz Md Shariff, Trade Commissioner of MATRADE Bangkok.

Chief Executive Officer of Malaysian Genomics, Encik Sasha Nordin, said, "We are looking forward to a fruitful relationship with our Thai partners, Salus and Acquest. These collaborations are part of our strategy of growing our customer base and increasing our presence overseas through working with business partners who have an established presence in their respective market segments."

Dr. Roland Neff, CEO of Acquest, said, "This collaboration is the first step as both parties explore the possibilities of conducting joint R&D that can result in new products and services that can be commercialised. We have a state-of-the-art clinical laboratory in Bangkok and also the largest privately-owned specialty human cell culturing facility in the country."

Mr. Choy Hong Yang, Director of Salus, said, "At Salus, we use science and technology to provide services on disease detection, prevention and life-span improvement. This collaboration with Malaysian Genomics will enable us to leverage on their genetics knowledge and expertise to offer more products and services while the strategic cooperation is in keeping with our core value of joint innovation to offer new technologies to our customers."

Ms. Songsuda Panich, Founder of Marine Group, said, "Skin Doctor, Slim Up and BioCell centres are always striving to provide the latest in skin and aesthetic science and technology for our customers. We look forward to collaborating with Malaysian Genomics and with Salus Healthcare on research and development involving cell regeneration products."

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