Malta welcomes ANX International, one of the world's largest blockchain companies and an industry leader in innovation and compliance

ANX International will participate in Malta's blockchain and virtual currency ecosystem, to expedite DLT/blockchain adoption across sectors and support the progression of crypto-friendly initiatives

HONG KONG, May 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- ANX International ("ANX"), one of the world's largest blockchain companies and an industry leader in innovation and compliance, is announcing today its involvement with Malta to support its rapidly expanding blockchain ecosystem. Leveraging its leading-edge technology solutions, thought leadership, and intellectual capital, ANX endeavours to actively participate in the full value chain of Malta's blockchain ecosystem.

On February 2018, the Hon. Silvio Schembri, Minister for Digital Economy and Innovation within the Office of the Prime Minister announced the creation of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Regulation. Since then, Malta has received investments pledged by the world's largest crypto exchanges, such as Binance and OKEx, that relocated to Malta, along with others to follow such as Berlin-based Neufund, adding more opportunities for the decentralization of Malta's ecosystem.

Through this joint effort between the Prime Minister Hon. Joseph Muscat, Hon. Silvio Schembri, the Government of Malta and ANX, this European Union member state takes another step towards becoming the worldwide leader in creating a blockchain-friendly ecosystem and establishing a rich environment and a stable ground for blockchain companies. As a part of DLT Regulation, Malta recently announced a number of bills regulating the emerging blockchain industry: MDIA (Malta Digital Innovation Authority) Bill, Technology Arrangements and Service Providers (TAS) Bill, Virtual Currencies (VC) Bill.

In his recent political speech the Hon. Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta, described the country's vision for blockchain technology saying, "Millions of people already attribute value to virtual currencies, which has created an entirely new market. The concept sounds confusing right now, but I have no doubt that it will form the base of a new economy in the future. Just as we attribute value to pieces of paper, so too will future generations attribute value to electronic storage systems."

"Malta is on track to be a world leader in creating a holistic, well-regulated virtual currencies market and setting global standards for harnessing blockchain's technological revolution. Moreover, the principles, to which the future legislation are founded, are principles which ANX also hold close to heart and which justifies the reason for any FinTech company to embrace Malta as a stable anchor for global strategy. ANX is therefore very honored to participate in Malta's mission to be a global hub of innovation - a stamp of trust and certainty. We are impressed by the understanding and openness shown by Hon. Schembri and Malta's Government that serve as a great example to all policy makers and regulators," says management of ANX. ANX will expand its operations to Europe via its participation in Malta, and further promote public awareness as well as training and education on blockchain technology across the globe.

"Stable and integrated markets require the long-term vision of sustainable and inclusive growth. ANX shares Malta's view on how to create an ideal ecosystem for investments," says the Hon. Silvio Schembri. "We look forward to working with ANX, which, with its full breadth and depth of blockchain innovations and expertise, will enhance Malta's blockchain ecosystem. We are pleased to be accompanied by companies such as ANX in becoming the #BlockchainIsland."

About ANX International

ANX International is a FinTech company established in 2013 with the mission to bring people together to do great things. With core values set upon integrity, passion and innovation, the vision of the Group is to enable financial choice through blockchain technology.

Since its establishment, ANX has quickly scaled into one of the leading blockchain solutions providers in the world, comprising a wide spectrum of service units to offer seamlessly-integrated business solutions, including technology development, advisory services, blockchain education, digital marketing, and recruitment services.