Managing a difficult turn in the road: Going home

Managing a difficult turn in the road: Going home

Should David return to Singapore?

He attended university in the United States, where he worked for 3 years as a consultant in NYC. He then spent 3 years working in London, before moving to Shanghai.

He moved to France to get his MBA, hoping to use the time to weigh the decision about going home. He has learned how to thrive in environments in which he felt different. He has loved the changes he has experienced.

Can he find a place for himself if he goes home?

While it had been extremely difficult to leave his family, he had adjusted and flourished in the US, London, China and in France. He loved his independence and loved the fact that every day felt like the beginning of a new adventure, but he started to experience a growing desire to return home.

Returning to Singapore for him meant looking for a way to continue this exciting career while recapturing his relationships with parents, family and friends. How could he integrate those relationships and his career potential into the life of the new David - the man that he has become?

David is not alone. Globalization has facilitated the possibility of education and work abroad for many young men and women. This can be a challenging and exciting opportunity.

Life is seen with different lenses after an extended period of living and working across geographical and cultural boundaries. Many head 'home' hoping to integrate the multiple perspectives they have learned from their global experience with the familiarity and comfort of being 'at home.'

Re-entry can be one of the most challenging aspects of their global voyage. If not prepared and carefully managed, this risks a period of dashed hopes and lost careers. If managed successfully, people like David can be among the rising stars of Asia. What can facilitate the process of going home?

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