Mannin GmbH Implements CDD Vault Informatics Platform to Facilitate Data Management and Collaboration

Mannin GmbH Implements CDD Vault Informatics Platform to Facilitate Data Management and Collaboration

LEIPZIG, Germany and SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Mannin GmbH, a biotechnology company specializing in the research and development for new vascular therapeutics, announced today that it has implemented CDD Vault in its Leipzig laboratories. CDD Vault, a hosted chemistry and biology research data management platform developed by Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc. (CDD), will be used to manage all the company's research data and collaborative projects across geographies.

Mannin has an established pipeline in eye diseases with a first-in-class drug for Primary Open Angle Glaucoma. It also has a new drug candidate designed to restore the normal flow of fluid in the eye and reduce intra-ocular eye pressure (IOP), one of the main causes of Glaucoma. Using the same principles, Mannin is developing novel therapeutics to treat a spectrum of vascular diseases including Cystic Kidney Disease, Paediatric Glaucoma, and inflammation.

CDD Vault is a hosted platform designed to manage drug discovery data including small molecules and biologics, as well as all the related experimental and contextual information. The platform incorporates fully integrated capabilities for Activity & Registration, Inventory, Visualization and a flexible Electronic Lab Notebook. It also includes a documented RESTful API that enables organizations to integrate CDD Vault with other software tools.

"I am very happy with the implementation of CDD Vault at Mannin. I highly value CDD Vault as a tool that offers not only a solution for a digital chemistry lab notebook, but also a database that combines chemical and biological data in a very powerful way," said Dr. Andreas Schoop, Head of Medicinal Chemistry at Mannin. "This is especially important since we just opened our new labs for Medicinal Chemistry in Leipzig while most of the biology is performed by our parent company in Toronto, Canada or by external CROs. CDD Vault will help us share data and collaborate more effectively."

"We are delighted that researchers at Mannin have chosen CDD Vault because their new therapeutics have the potential to change the lives of millions of people around the globe," said Dr. Mariana Vaschetto, Head of EMEA Operations at CDD, "Pharma, biotechs and academics across Europe are increasingly adopting CDD Vault as their main research data management platform, and we are privileged to support them."


Mannin GmbH is a biotech company with research laboratories in the BioCity in Leipzig. Mannin´s development activities are focused on treatments of vascular diseases by targeting the Angiopoietin-Tie2 signaling pathway. Mannin is developing medications based on small molecules and biologics as well as companion diagnostics (e.g. to detect Glaucoma). Additionally, Mannin is scouting for and pursuing new innovations and development opportunities.


CDD's ( flagship product, "CDD Vault®", is used to manage chemical registration, structure-activity relationships (SAR), and securely scale collaborations. CDD Vault® is a hosted database solution for secure management and sharing of biological and chemical data. It lets you intuitively organize chemical structures and biological study data, and collaborate with internal or external partners through an easy to use web interface. Available modules within CDD Vault include Activity & Registration, Visualization, Inventory, and ELN.

Dr. Mariana Vaschetto


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