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Maoyan Launches New Distribution and Promotion Service for Long-Form Video

Maoyan Launches New Distribution and Promotion Service for Long-Form Video

BEIJING, May 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Maoyan Entertainment ("Maoyan" or "the Company") (Hong Kong: 1896), a leading platform providing innovative Internet-empowered entertainment services in China, launched a new service for long-form video distribution and promotion during the May Day holiday to further strengthen its platform capabilities and better serve the entertainment industry.

Through a partnership with Huanxi Premium (, the online platform of Huanxi Media, Maoyan selected five movies, for which Huanxi holds the exclusive rights, and promoted them on Maoyan's own app and other channels with a 24-hour free viewing window over the May Day holiday from May 1 to 5.

After the 24-hour free viewing period, Maoyan invited famous movie Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to live stream their discussion and analysis. The audience could interact with these KOLs via real time comments. After the free viewing period, the movies were available only on Huanxi Premium by pay-to-play.

The five films selected for promotion were all acclaimed foreign movies, including:

  • "Au revoir là-haut" (See You Up There), a 2017 César Award-winning French drama;
  • "Werk ohne Autor" (Never Look Away), a 2018 German romance nominated for two Academy Awards;
  • "The White Crow", a 2018 biographical film on the famous Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev;
  • "Trautmann" (The Keeper), a 2018 British-German biographical film on German professional soccer player Bert Trautmann;
  • "Kona fer í stríð" (Woman at War), a 2018 Icelandic-Ukrainian comedy drama.

Through Maoyan's innovative distribution and promotion support over the holiday, these movies effectively attracted the attention of movie lovers and generated good word-of-mouth. For "Au revoir là-haut", viewings during the 24-hour free period jumped by 755 times from the day before. With Maoyan's rich platform resources and influential media matrix, the movie's exposure rose as it received more than 100 million online mentions. During the holiday, the Baidu Index of online keyword searches for Huanxi Premium increased by 31.7% over the previous week.

Maoyan will expand its long-form video distribution and promotion service to cover movies, TV and web series, web movies, and live performances. With its large user base and extensive resources, Maoyan aims to help long-form video content reach the targeted audience effectively and help users find the best long-form video content.

The new distribution and promotion service for long-form videos will also further strengthen Maoyan's platform capability to better serve the entertainment industry after the pandemic is over. Maoyan has developed a comprehensive strategy to serve the entire entertainment industry with five pillar platforms, including entertainment ticketing platform, product platform, data platform, marketing platform, and financing platform.

About Maoyan Entertainment

Maoyan Entertainment (Hong Kong: 1896) is a leading platform providing innovative Internet-empowered entertainment services in China. Since its inception, Maoyan has grown from an online movie ticketing service provider to an innovative one-stop platform for entertainment services. Maoyan has a comprehensive strategy to become a leading platform servicing the entire entertainment industry in China. The upgraded strategy is supported by five key platform pillars: online ticketing platform, products and services platform, data platform, marketing platform, and funding platform.

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