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The Marika Tolz Scholarship for Women in The Workplace Is Accepting Applications

The Scholarship Opportunity by Marika Tolz Aims to Help a Deserving Student With Scholarship Funds and Bring Awareness To The Issues Facing Women In the Workplace

In recent times, the issue of inequality has been highlighted in our society. That is to say, the issue is still far from being eradicated as cases of inequality can still be seen and heard of in today’s time. Gender inequality, particularly of women in the workplace, is one of the most common cases of inequality that happens time and time again. Other cases of inequality can be in opportunities in educations where only a select group of students are even allowed a chance to apply for it or get some sort of bias towards the judging criteria.

No one is more familiar with cases of inequality than Marika Tolz as she seeks to shed light and awareness of inequality, particularly in gender inequality. Marika Tolz aims to provide an equal opportunity for students through her scholarship program, The Marika Tolz Scholarship for Women in the Workplace.

Marika Tolz is currently an office administrator at a law firm. She also has experience as an office manager in the medical industry while also having the chance of working as a federal trustee where she was able to oversee proceedings involving bankruptcy. Additionally, she also found success working in commercial real estate where she was able to mediate many cases ranging from domestic disputes, partnership disputes and breach of contract disputes to name a few. Aside from working as an administrator at her law firm, Marika also has a risk management blog that contains articles curated by her to help anyone willing to learn about risk management. The blog stems from her time working in commercial real estate where she specialized in risk management.

Having spent many years working in the office and spending a lot of time there, Marika has gained the knowledge and insight which prompted her to address the problems she saw while working in an office environment. She would like to give back to the next generation of students who could use the financial aid through her scholarship program that aims to award $1,000 to a deserving student.

Marika thinks that every student should be given an equal opportunity when it comes to their education which is why her scholarship is open to all students who are currently enrolled in a university or a high school student with plans to attend college. The winner for the Marika Tolz Scholarship will be based on an essay where they have to answer the following question: “Describe an issue that can arise in regards to gender equality in the workplace and how would you improve it to make things better for women in the workplace”. Through her scholarship, Marika aims to create awareness of issues with gender equality and women in the workplace.

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