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MaXpeedingRods Makes Big Moves in 2021

MaXpeedingRods Makes Big Moves in 2021

Warehouse's expansion, self-build logistic distribution systems, product development, racer sponsorship, MaXpeedingRods is redefining the automotive aftermarket and auto culture.

HONG KONG, July 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Auto parts manufacturer and supplier MaXpeedingRods has had some monumental moments in 2021.

One landmark moment comes to the expansion of designated 30 shipping warehouses worldwide and the addition of self-build logistic distribution systems in the United States. This strategic placement of warehouses and logistics ensures a timely arrival, cementing customers' expectations for fast, safe, and free delivery.

Another landmark moment is the introduction of their new lineup of sponsored racers and their partnership with the French Drift Championship. In 2021, they sponsored over 25 racers and established themselves through the racer sponsorship program. Dustin Miles, a Formula Drift ProSpec driver in the US, uses MaXpeedingRods connecting rods in his 1JZGTE engine. Furthermore, Duane Mckeever and Oliver Evans of the BDC also run MaXpeedingRods crankshafts, turbochargers, and connecting rods in competition. Their sponsored racers do everything from drifting to road course racing and truly put their products to the test, so the researcher is able to get feedback on the quality and performance to develop and perfect their products.

Speaking of product development, MaXpeedingRods announced a significant step forward in their coilovers and turbochargers for 2021. They intend to have three variants of their suspensions available. A home version focused on lowering cars and providing a comfortable ride. Second is the Street version which allows for spirited cornering on windy roads and enjoyable driving. The track version is intended for peak performance and greater vehicle capability. They are also expanding their turbocharger lineup into three categories for different application requirements: Original, Street Performance, and Sports Performance.

Overall, MaXpeedingRods continues to develop its line of products and logistics to ensure customers are receiving high-quality products at reasonable prices and within a reasonable time frame.

About MaXpeedingRods

After over fifteen years of successful operation, MaXpeedingRods has become the fastest-growing automotive aftermarket manufacturer with an 861,000ft² manufacturing facility and 12 different production lines. Worldwide, they have over 500 employees and operates in America, Europe, Australia, and Asia which services more than 4 million people. MaXpeedingRods has achieved a two-hundred percent sales growth and 1.5 million user growth annually.

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