McDonald's Singapore to offer employees sponsored diploma course

PHOTO: The Straits Times

SINGAPORE - McDonald's Singapore has signed a memorandum of understanding with Republic Polytechnic to offer full-time employees the chance to earn a diploma in business practice (international human resources management) during their work hours.

Employees who are enrolled in the programme under Mcdonald's Singapore's new scheme will have their tuition fees fully sponsored by the company.

The polytechnic will work with McDonald's by creating a customised academic calendar for 20 to 25 of the fast food giant's employees.

Classes for these students will be scheduled for one and a half days a week, instead of the usual three half-days a week.

"This diploma will equip managers with those skills and will give them sound business fundamentals enabling them to progress as F&B professionals," said Lynn Hong, Director of Human Resources, McDonald's Singapore.

Sim Peck Suan, a second assistant manager at McDonald's, is among the first batch of 22 McDonald's employees who will begin their studies this month.

"This opportunity allows me to further my education whilst acquiring greater managerial skills that I can apply at work, so I really appreciate and look forward to it," she said.