Media Executives In Thailand Identify Automation and Improved Workflow Management To Enhance Operations

BANGKOK, Jan. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Ooyala, a leading provider of software and services that simplify the complexity of producing, streaming and monetising video recently conducted a poll at the Media Logistics Forum in Bangkok, which was attended by 90 industry executives from Thailand's vibrant broadcast and media industry. According to 7 in 10 (69%) respondents their media operations are only minimally efficient or not efficient at all. Particularly, 25% of respondents highlighted the need to automate their entire operational value chain.

Bea Alonso, Ooyala's Business Development Director for Media Logistics in Asia Pacific and Japan, said, "To keep up with the consumer's insatiable desire for video content today, broadcasters and media companies need to streamline their processes to balance consumer demand and production efficiencies. It is no longer productive to increase manual resources; we have to leverage technology and make it work for us."

Additionally, 24% of executives said that an improvement in workflow management was integral in upgrading current operations, while 23% indicated that there was a need for some business functions to integrate with media operations.

Amongst other findings, human error and duplication of activity were cited by 25% of respondents as the culprits for these media operations inefficiencies.

"Human error and duplication of activity is more than often preventable. If we can strike these out, additional resources can be channelled into other creative and value adding tasks," Alonso added. "Automation, as identified in our poll, can help media companies optimise operations."

The poll responses in Thailand are consistent with the global results obtained from more than 600 respondents across similar events in 23 other cities worldwide.

Automation and better workflow management: a media company in Malaysia

At the Media Logistics Forum, Ooyala shared the story of how Media Prima Digital, one of Malaysia's leading integrated media companies, managed to improve its operational efficiencies.

Media Prima Digital's tonton service, the number one VOD service in Malaysia with 7.1 million users, houses a large library of local and international content for consumers in Malaysia and has started to expand its footprint in the region with launches in Singapore and Brunei. Ooyala is powering the tonton service with different monetisation options and audience analytics, to help drive revenue and expand its audience. 

The company faced challenges in managing complex requirements for tonton, including the need to monetise it via an ad-funded as well as subscription model. They needed a solution that would shorten the time to value and provide them with a clear understanding of the cost of ownership.

Furthermore, due to Media Prima's highly diversified content offering, the company had specific requirements related to geolocations, licensing, royalty agreements and other business processes and necessitated a platform to deal with the nuances.

To overcome these challenges, Media Prima started to use Ooyala Flex for efficient metadata processing that reduces 80% of the time invested into laborious manual metadata entry work, including import of programme and schedule information from their broadcast systems and exclusive content curation. Metadata has also provided Media Prima with valuable insights to improve customer experiences.

"The partnership with Ooyala has helped Media Prima Digital make strategic decisions about content, advertising and our overall business. As we expand our tonton business in the region, time to market and operational efficiency are key to our success in driving revenue. Ooyala Flex's host of benefits from time and cost savings, improving operational efficiencies, to staff retention and audience satisfaction, are definitely helping us to achieve our business and operational goals," said Mohamad Rezwan Khalil Azmi, Media Prima Berhad's General Manager for IT Infrastructure and Digital Media Platform.

Alongside Media Prima Digital, the Media Logistics Forum featured other companies that have utilised Ooyala Flex from syndication, pre-production and commissioning to linear playout and VOD, like Sky Sports and Smoke and Mirrors in the UK.

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Vudu, Star India, Sky Sports (U.K.), ITV Studios (U.K.), RTL Group (Germany), M6 (France), TV4 (Sweden), Mediaset (Spain), America Television (Peru), and Media Prima (Malaysia): these are just a few of the hundreds of broadcasters and media companies who choose Ooyala.

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