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Medlinker and China Association of STD and AIDS Prevention and Control launched expert consensus on AIDS Internet diagnosis and treatment management

Medlinker and China Association of STD and AIDS Prevention and Control launched expert consensus on AIDS Internet diagnosis and treatment management

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach  - 3 September 2021 - On June 16, 2021, China's leading Internet Hospital Medlinker announced the establishment of an academic committee. Cheng Shujun, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a well-known tumor etiology expert, and Liu Lisheng, a former chairman of the World Hypertension Alliance and a well-known cardiovascular medical expert, served as the chief consultant expert. The first batch of experts in the academic committee also includes dozens of academic leaders and experts and professors who have studied in various disease fields for many years, covering many disciplines such as tumors, endocrinology, infection, cardiovascular, ophthalmology, and so on.

Medlinker promotes the standardized development of the Internet medical industry


Since the covid-19 epidemic, the country has promulgated several encouraging policies from the three aspects of "medical", "medicine" and "insurance". The public has gradually developed the habit of seeking medical treatment online, and Internet medical treatment has flourished. As a new medical model, while developing rapidly, it also brings new challenges to the service quality and management of Internet hospitals. This year's "Government Work Report" proposed for the first time to promote the development of "Internet + medical and health" standards, which means that the industry will enter a new stage of high-quality development through "standards". Wang Shirui, founder and CEO of Medlinker, said frankly in his speech: "This is the original intention of Medlinker to establish the academic committee. How to make use of the convenience, accessibility, and intelligence of Internet hospitals to ensure the standardization and effectiveness of medical services and to protect the vital interests of doctors and patients is a problem that needs to be solved urgently. We hope that we can unite the academic forces of various parties to share the experience of Medlinker in the establishment of patient online management systems, standardized processes of out-of-hospital management, and discipline construction, and share with the society, so that we can promote the standardized development of the Internet medical industry to better empower doctors and serve patients."


Academician Cheng Shujun, the chief advisor of the Academic Committee of the Medlinker, said: "People's understanding of life and many diseases is still in its infancy. A very important reason is that the data we have is limited. With the advent of the information age, people will see from a larger perspective the phenomena and data that have never appeared in the development of life sciences. The disclosure of these phenomena and data will promote the development of medical science and even a major revolution. Congratulations on the establishment of the Medlinker Academic Committee. I also look forward to the use of information technology and big data to deepen the understanding of diseases and make greater contributions to human health."


Experts Participate in Diabetes, Tumor, AIDS Discipline Construction Major Release


At the beginning of 2018, Medlinker took liver disease as the entry point, focused its business on the Internet chronic disease management, always adhered to the serious medical development strategy, continued to drive the discipline construction as the core, explored safe and effective out-of-hospital management solutions for each disease type, worked hard to provide patients' care, and were responsible for medical results. At the inauguration ceremony of the academic committee, clinical experts from many fields such as diabetes, tumors, and AIDS shared the latest research progress of their joint research with the medical association.


AIDS is one of the most significant public health challenges in the world. At present, there is no specific medicine that can cure AIDS, and there is no vaccine that can effectively prevent AIDS, but the continuous development of science and technology has made AIDS a treatable chronic disease. Internet technology can effectively help AIDS prevention and is of significance to the prevention and control of AIDS in China and the world. On the day of the event, the Medical Federation made new moves in the development of the AIDS discipline. The "Expert Consensus on AIDS Internet Diagnosis and Treatment Management" led by the Information Exchange and Digital Prevention and Control Working Committee of the China Association for the Prevention and Control of STDs and AIDS with the participation of Medlinker was officially launched to provide guidance for the better application of Internet medical care in the prevention and control of AIDS.


At present, the country is fully advancing the construction of a healthy China, and Internet medical care has broken time and regional restrictions and played a major role in the normalization of the epidemic. This time, Medlinker invited academicians and academic leaders in various fields to establish an academic committee, which will continue to conduct in-depth exploration and research around the full life cycle management of diseases, promote the standardized development of online management, and help the construction of a healthy China.


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