Meet Japan's flying salary men

Meet Japan's flying salary men

Among all the things Japan is known for all over the world, the salary man has been one of the most iconic since the post-war era.

Efficient, focused, a live-to-work attitude and a systematic after hours drinking ritual sets the Japanese office worker apart from workers in other parts of the world.

Japan's flying salary-men
Click on thumbnail to view (Photos: Rocket News, Yuki Aoyama)

With such tightly scheduled and work-centric lives, the work suit is to the Japanese salary man what Superman's cape means to him.

Once he puts on his business suit, the Japanese salary man becomes charged, alive and ready to take on the workload assigned to him and more.

Recognising this particular characteristic unique to Japanese workers, photographer Yuki Aoyama created a photo series featuring salary men 'flying' in the air.

Many of these salary men pose like little boys in superhero fantasies, with fists punching the air and jackets flapping in the wind.

Her photo collection has already been sold as books in two different volumes.

The funny expressions and poses of the Japanese salary men in the pictures are not the only reason why these books have been popular with the Japanese audience.

These pictures are entertaining also because they capture the very true spirit of the Japanese salary man - enthusiastic, energetic, serious and proficient, even when they are jumping and posing in the air.

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