Merchants worldwide optimize UnionPay services during Golden Week to enhance Chinese tourists' experience

SHANGHAI, Oct. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The China Tourism Academy estimates that there will be 7 million outbound tourists during the Chinese National Day Holiday this year, hitting a record high. This holiday has become a global Golden Week, which is attracting the attention of foreign media and merchants. The Forbes website recently reported that Chinese tourists' preference for experience, consumption and accommodation will reshape the global tourism industry. Foreign businessmen should know what Chinese tourists want, such as their favorite payment tool as UnionPay.

According to data from UnionPay International, currently more than 25 million merchants outside mainland China accept UnionPay cards. With the number of UnionPay App users exceeding 80 million, merchants view supporting UnionPay App as a way to welcome Chinese tourists. UnionPay mobile payment services have covered 41 countries and regions up till now. In the first three days of the Golden Week, the transaction volume of UnionPay Mobile QuickPass and UnionPay QR Code Payment outside mainland China doubled year-on-year.

UnionPay QR code payment was launched just before the festival in Hong Kong Pricerite homeware store. In the past few days, many UnionPay App users from Hong Kong, Macao and the mainland experienced this service there. From October 1st to 3rd, mainland China tourists visiting Hong Kong and Macao frequently used UnionPay mobile payment services, the transaction volume of which increased by nearly 100%. In New Zealand, the transaction volume of UnionPay Mobile QuickPass increased nearly five times year-on-year. Brett Ashley, general manager of Countdown Supermarket which is the largest local supermarket chain, said that the 181 stores in Countdown had all accepted UnionPay Mobile QuickPass, facilitating Chinese customers' shopping in the supermarket.

During the Golden Week, nearly 20,000 merchants from 25 countries and regions around the world are offering discounts up to 30% to UnionPay cardholders, covering popular destinations such as Hong Kong, Japan, Southeast Asia, and US, Australia, Europe, Russia. In response to the rapid growth of consumer demand for catering, entertainment, transportation and other experiences in outbound travel, nearly half of the merchants participating in this campaign belong to the type of travel experiences. UnionPay cardholders can enjoy discounts when visiting the British Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of New York, and the Singapore Time Wing Show and other special entertainment programs. Cardholders who're gourmets can enjoy privileges and discounts at over 10 Michelin-starred restaurants in Hong Kong, Kyoto and London, etc.