The MIC 2018 Chengdu Was Open

The MIC 2018 Chengdu Was Open

CHENGDU, China, Aug. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- In Aug. 2018, the Global Mobile Internet Creative Development Competition (MIC) started its journey again following the successful closing of MIC 2017-2018 in Guangzhou in Jun.2018. It chose Chengdu as its first stop for the MIC 2018-2019. In response to its invitation, a large number of innovative startups attended the grand competition.

On the afternoon of Aug.16, 2018, the 12th Chengdu International Software Design and Application Competition and the 2018 Global Mobile Internet Creative Development Competition (MIC) (Chengdu stop) kicked off in the Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center in Chengdu. Drawn by the challenging system of MIC, a crowd of outstanding startups both at home and abroad have been enthusiastic to sign up the competition. At the MIC 2018 Chengdu station, 11 leading technology startups from Chengdu, Beijing and Shenzhen were selected to participate. Finally, Chengdu Ruixu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. won the championship, followed by Shenzhen Qysea Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Xuyuan Technology Co., Ltd. These three companies won their vote to enter into the final competition of MIC China.

The MIC 2018 Chengdu was hosted by IDG, co-hosted by Chengdu Municipal People's Government, Sichuan Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, undertaken by IDG Aiqi Exhibition Co., Ltd. and co-organized by Chengdu Tianfu Software Park Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Software Industry Association. Guests and instructors included Zhang Lujin, Deputy Director of Chengdu Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Xu Zhou, Vice President of IDG Asia, Zhang Li, Vice President of IDG China, Dr. An Hui, Director of the Institute of Electronic Information Industry, China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute, and the presidents and founders of several investment companies.

The hosting of MIC in Chengdu will definitely drive the regional industry integrative development.
Undoubtedly, the mobile Internet has become the backbone of the current development of the Internet industry. In addition to the continuous planning of internet giants in mobile Internet clients, many emerging Internet companies are also constantly launching corresponding mobile products and developing new technologies. This has turned the mobile terminal into a main carrier for people to use the Internet on a daily basis.

Xu Zhou, Vice President of IDG Asia, made a speech in the competition, "It was five years ago when IDG initiated its MIC platform, with the purpose of exploring good projects, finding excellent startup teams and matching the requirement of innovation and entrepreneurship with those of investors. Thanks to its efforts during the past five years, MIC has become popular in more Chinese cities, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Wuzhen, etc. In addition, it hosted different matches in the USA, Norway, Finland, South Korea, etc., which has not only enhanced its global influence but also attracted more international outstanding startup projects. MIC 2018 Chengdu is also the first station for MIC 2018-2019. We look forward to the excellent performance of our startups teams in Chengdu. Hope you can win this competition and enter into the final competition in China and even other countries."

IDG has always been known as the talent scout of internet companies. The reason for its selection of Chengdu as one of its major station is significantly involved with its development trend and fast growth in the national technology industry and mobile internet.

Chengdu, also called the "Software City", boasts the unique advantage of developing the Internet industry.
Chengdu is the first "China Software City" and the only one in the central and western region of China. It is creating a "Made in China 2025" national demonstration zone and building a world famous software city. According to the Third Plenary Session of the 13th Chengdu Municipal Party Committee, the electronic information industry, which has always led in Chengdu's industry, was regarded as a breakthrough in the trillion-dollar industry. The hosting of MIC will certainly boost Chengdu's Internet development, and also create platform and entrepreneurial confidence to Chengdu's local innovative startup teams.

Ever since its first hosting five years ago, it has kept providing platform for capital connection for the global excellent startup teams.
Ever since 2014 when IDG hosted the first MIC, it has always insisted on taking competition as a medium to attract more talents and investment and develop projects. It has constantly innovated in the form of competition and assisted companies in finding talents and choosing projects, in order to promote the innovation and entrepreneurship of seedling projects and the integrated development of technology, industry and capital. It aims at enrolling excellent innovative teams and individuals both at home and abroad and recommending the successfully enlisted companies. In this way, it helps the private startups stand out and further drives the fast development of China's internet and mobile internet market. The previous competitions have brought together more than 2,000 creative development teams and individuals from home and abroad to participate. Until now, it has attracted more than 300 well-known investors and corporate guests and built more than 6,000 domestic and international entrepreneurial projects. More than 240 outstanding entrepreneurial projects mounted onto the onsite roadshow platforms.

These data has demonstrated the devotion of MIC to innovation and entrepreneurship as well as its creation of platforms and opportunities for excellent development teams at home and abroad.

Following the global development trend, MIC 2018 Chengdu focused on the new economy, artificial intelligence and other fields.
With the theme of "The Road to Innovation in the Digital Economy", the MIC 2018 focuses on the world's hottest spots and development prospects, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and drones. It works at exploring more up-rising stars and providing platforms and investment environment for more innovative startups.

Dr. An Hui, Director of the Institute of Electronic Information Industry, China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute, provided keynote speech of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Artificial Intelligence: Stories, Reflections and Suggestions for the participating entrepreneurs. Yiyu, co-founder of Winpower delivered the speech titled Golden Era for the New Economy while Wang Yuehua, co-founder of Draper Dragon made a speech called Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Industry 4.0.

The amazing roadshows from the 11 teams selected in the MIC 2018 Chengdu covered new economy and artificial intelligence. Besides, startup instructors composed of investors from famous investment companies commented and guided the participating teams. Each team went through a 9-minute project roadshow and a 3-minute instructor's Q&A session to learn from other outstanding teams and compete for the precious "admission tickets" with them.

At the end of the competition, Zhou Hongliang, the winner of the MIC 2017-2018 China Finals and the runner-up of the MIC World Finals, also  the co-founder and CEO of Jingwei Technology, shared experience with players on site.

The new session of MIC will be hosted sooner
Following the MIC 2018 Chengdu, the MIC 2018 Beijing will come to China National Convention Center and bring more eye-catching performances themed "Igniting entrepreneurship passion with ice sports". More and more outstanding innovative talents will be expected to attend the competition and commonly promote the development of global mobile internet. Then who will stand out to be the next champion? Just follow us and wait for the news.


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