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Milieu Insight releases new version of award-winning platform, Canvas, with groundbreaking visual survey builder

Milieu Insight releases new version of award-winning platform, Canvas, with groundbreaking visual survey builder

Brands will be able to conceptualise, design and execute powerful market research on a unified platform that features an industry-first visual editor for seamless survey design

SINGAPORE, Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Milieu Insight, the Southeast Asia research and analytics firm, has unveiled the latest iteration of its end-to-end  market research and community engagement platform, Canvas. The latest release of the Canvas platform features a number of industry-first innovations, including a highly visual survey builder, designed to make it seamless for product and marketing teams to collaborate in real-time. The release of the new visual editor embodies the company's commitment to building market research and consumer engagement tools that are user-centric and agile. The launch also spotlights the company's strategic expansion, with new community-building capabilities for brands to engage with customers from anywhere globally.

Tech solutions to address industry's biggest pain points

In just 6 years, Milieu has received several accolades, including winning Campaign Asia's Most Valuable Product (MVP) award twice. Despite this success, the company has continued to invest heavily in building new features and products that address the industry's pain points. The company believes that these additions will render the process of designing, executing, and implementing market research and community feedback programs entirely seamless.

Commenting on the product release, Milieu Insight's founder and CEO, Gerald Ang, said "Our founding vision and product philosophy is to make market research easy and truly accessible to all, experts and novices alike. Our latest release of Canvas brings to life many of the features we dreamt of when the ideas for Milieu and our offerings were just a series of notes scribbled on a notepad.''

A unified market research and community engagement platform

Canvas unifies the entire quantitative research supply chain into a single platform, which includes three core products; Studio, Hub and Analyze.  Canvas Studio covers survey creation and features the innovative visual survey editor, as well as dynamic tools for distributing surveys and monitoring fieldwork. Hub features tools for data cleaning and processing. And Analyze allows users to crunch data, discover insight and enrich their data via Milieu's consumer profiling database.

Launch of the first ever visual editor for survey programming

Unlike the usual linear approach of survey programming, the visual editor is a groundbreaking solution that not only adds to Milieu's track record of user-centric design, but is a formidable challenge to the decades-old industry to rethink the definitions of best practices.

Connect and visualise multi-source data on one platform

To enable brands to seamlessly connect their existing customer database to Canvas, brands can integrate data from existing CRM databases, mailing lists and even social media lists. Brands will also have access to Milieu's panels across Southeast Asia and an extensive profiling database of the latest insights from millions of unique consumers. Brands will be able to slice and connect data, enabling cross-market analysis and deep-dive consumer segment analysis. Data reports are updated in real-time, empowering more agile, data-driven decision making.

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