Milvus, the AI Search Engine, Originally Developed by Zilliz Joins LF AI as New Incubation Project

SHANGHAI, April 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Milvus, an open source vector similarity search engine, was accepted by the LF AI Foundation (LF AI) as its latest incubation project after TAC voting. Milvus is a major leap forward because it is essentially a next-generation search engine powered by deep learning algorithms or so-called neural networks, yet it provides an intuitive interface of understanding and exploring massive amount of data such as images, videos and voices with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. The goal of the Milvus project is to build the most widely-adopted enterprise-grade search engine for the AI era.

Adopted by over 100 organizations and institutions worldwide, Milvus empowers applications in a variety of fields, including image processing, computer vision, natural language processing, voice recognition, recommender systems, drug discovery, etc. Milvus was originally developed by Zilliz and open sourced in October 2019.

Zilliz, with the vision of "Reinvent data science", develops open source data science software for the era of AI and 5G/IoT. "We are pushing forward a globalization strategy that fully incorporates global open source communities. We believe open development leads to greater implementation and greater good for all," said Starlord, the founder & CEO of Zilliz. "We believe Milvus will help to accelerate the AI adoption for more organizations after joining LF AI."

"We are very pleased to welcome Milvus to LF AI. Vector similarity search engine is an important component for processing rapidly growing unstructured data. Many AI domains, such as image processing, computer vision, NLP, recommendation systems, and more, could benefit from the capability of Milvus vector similarity search engine. Milvus can help to build up AI applications with open source AI technology," said Dr. Ibrahim Haddad, Executive Director of LF AI. "We look forward to supporting this project and helping it to thrive under neutral, vendor-free, and open governance." 

Milvus is easy-to-use, highly reliable, scalable, robust, and blazing fast, along with a rich list of features. 

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